On Board: The First Lady Speaks About Meeting Nelson Mandela

Uploaded by whitehouse on 23.06.2011

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First Lady Michelle Obama: I think the most moving part of my trip so far was seeing
92-year-old Nelson Mandela.
And in thinking about his life, right?
And this man has lived through a struggle that few nations know.
He was detained in prison, missed seeing the growth of his
children, his grandchildren and his relationships.
He came out to see change happen,
all that he had worked for.
There must have been moments in that jail when he thought,
this is (inaudible), I am so tired and this is never
going to work.
But God saw fit to have him see the day that I am sitting in his
house as First Lady of the United States after gathering
these young women, I mean, that happened in his lifetime.
That seems like a long time, but, my God, it was quick!
That was quick!
If we all think like that, if we see Mandela as hope and we see
the slowness not as a reason to stop and be impatient but just
to keep moving, right?
And I get so caught up in the immediacy.
There, the only thing that happens in an instant is
destruction when you think of about a earthquake, here,
you build something, hey --
(snap of finger)
Earthquake, gone. Forget you, you know?
But everything else requires time: Raising children;
building a family; having a career.
All of it is time.
I want you all to continue to work fiercely and to be
impatient, but don't let the struggle discourage you because
it's hard and it's supposed to be hard.
If it were easy, we wouldn't have anything to do.
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