Long Arm. Interview

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I don’t know, maybe
we should watch this question from the other side.
The point is not in the moves from place to place...
All these endless moves from place to place
influenced on me somehow, influenced on my feelings
I’d rather say that all my moves from place to place
started with the beginning of my family life
I think they stimulate me.
All the moves from flat to flat, from city to city
leave the most essential things in you.
You get rid of unnecessary material things
...just not to be locked by something.
You try to limit yourself in all things.
And there is only one thought, one thing,
the most important thing that you have.
Moves from place to place are usefull for all.
I was just staying in Orenburg for 23 years.
I went to the region while studying in University...
on business.
But in general I didn’t go anywhere and now
after the release of my album a period began...
period of performances. I visit cities.
I realized that I really like to travel.
New people, new cities, new places and feelings...
I am saving up all this.
Now I am saving up
and I believe the moment of calm will come, I’ll sit down and
I know it will turn into something in any case.
Because it always happens to me.
There is a moment of accumulation of experiences
and there is a moment when you let it all out.
Actually I can say that
If I hadn’t my family
I wouldn’t create all my music for sure.
Because things have changed in my life.
My thoughts have changed drastically.
The revaluation of values have happened.
Perhaps, some purification occurred
after the birth of my son.
There is quite logical
earthly explanation for this.
When your child is born and during the first months,
the first year there is a time only to sleep.
And there is no time for other things.
And then you get...I don’t know... maybe half an hour a day.
One and a half hour of free time... maximum.
And what are you gonna do?
You are going to do what you like to do.
This one thing, that is important for you.
Except the family and your baby.
I filled out this time with music.
I did not have any compromises about what to do.
“I will do this one style of music or no... this one”.
There are no compromises. You just don’t have time
to think about it.
You just sit down and express what you got inside you.
I’’m really just grateful to my family...
That they are with me in my life and that I have such a destiny.
Career steps... I didn’t have them.
Everything happened very quickly, very spontaneously.
And what has begun...
It’s hard to say what has begun.
In The New Year’s Eve, in the new 2010.
We were sitting with my wife,
we were celebrating the New Year.
And we were just sharing the future plans with each other.
She is also very creative person.
And, well, we were just talking...
Like, ‘What do you want to realize next year?’
‘What are your plans?’
And I just said...
I didn’t have any records.
I said that I want to release something this year.
I want to release a record.
And the case was over. I forgot about it.
And then closer to the summer
I started to write music, share tracks
on soundcloud.
After I shared ‘After 4AM’...
I had been writing ‘After 4AM’ for 9 months,
for a very long time.
After I shared ‘After 4AM’
I received a message
from the Project: Mooncircle
‘Please come visit our website’
‘We would like to release something’
‘some of your material’.
I go to the site and I see
all the artists who are in my playlist.
‘Yeah, sure, let’s do it!’
And that’s it. From that moment
everything became very active...
recording and...
I got the purpose we were talking about.
And in 7 months
the album was finished
and I got all that I have now.
Well actually when I was a kid
I was
absolutely sure
that I will be a doctor. And I didn’t think
that my life would be connected with music.
My elder sister
graduated from the Music School.
She is six years older than me.
And I occasionally came to the piano
started to play something.
And my parents thought:
“Oh, he should go to the Music School too!”
“Look, he enjoys it!”
But I didn’t care about it.
My friends had absolutely different interests
and no one shared with me
my passion for music.
And then
I came to Music School for the first time.
I had some lessons and then I left.
For the second time I started to study with my friend.
And I thought
that I should bring the case to the end
and because I started to learn - I have to finish it
and I’ll have a diploma or something like that...
I didn’t have any plans for the future.
That I’ll start something...
that I’ll start to make it seriously...
I decided that I will have a diploma.
Just in case.
I started to visit Music School for the third time.
I graduated in three years as an external student.
Five classes of piano, very quickly.
And at the end of a middle school
I graduated from the Music School.
Then I went to the Institute.
I really have been involved...
despite the fact that I went to Pedagogical Institute
to get a specialty “teacher of chemistry”
I graduated.
But while I was studying
I always worked hard with the music, I skipped lessons...
You know, as it usually happens in this age.
I was rushing from one project to another and so on and so forth.
There is some...
some weak trait in me
maybe something else
I am very susceptible the opinion of others.
I don’t know how to deal with that
I just abstract from other people,
I close up in my room
I try to find something in there...
...to make a dialogue with my thoughts
...with my ideas etc
And even when I started
to go to Institute
I found there some guys
Who were involved into the music
who shared my interests
And that pushed me
to start playing music again
to look at it from the other side
...more seriously
But I can’t say it was really serious
I’d rather say it was a deeper passion
People really influence on me
Yeah, and it’s a fact that
my music
If we talk about the “Long Arm” project...
I guess, fortunately
none of my close friends
did not affect my music under the “Long Arm” project
There were
only foreign and unknown
authors and musicians
the real sticking point
or the start point
was my introduction to UK independent record label
Ninja Tune in 2005-2006
and with an endless list of their authors
including the main name for me
since then and to this day - Bonobo.
I tried to focus on him.
He influenced me in those days and he is still in my favorites
This person, his music
And other people from that community
But when I started
to work on my album
by the way it all started in 2010
I tried to abstract
from people
I did not let anyone listen to the raw material
During that time
a year
or year and a half before the begginning of the work on the album
I had been working in the clubs
in Orenburg, in my hometown
But my destiny so ordered when
one day the club
where I was a resident just closed up
In which I played every weekend
And I was left without a job.
And I was not invited to somewhere else
The music I played
was unformatted.
That pushed me
to sit down
to look inside my head
and to write what I wanted to for so long
because I had some drafts...
Get down to this business.
Before my departure
from the Orenburg
I was interviewed by a local reporter
he also works
in entertainment business
I thanked him at that time
“Sergey, thank you very much...”
“after the closing of the club I was not invited anywhere”
“I didn’t get any job”
It was exactly
what I need
to collect my thoughts
and not to focus on anything
Just write what I want.
Some particular...
I can’t describe
my define listener
I still can not describe
even closer.
I’ve already played in several cities but
but at the same time, I can not say
that people who come to my gigs are very different.
I should say
that there isn’t “sold-out” in all the cities
But there are places and gigs
when there is no empty space for the people
To be honest, I am always surprised by the fact
people just come.
I don’t think
that my music is very well known
and there was not so much time for people
to listen to it.
But when...
...for example in Kyiv
you see the full club
people tell me that
“Damn, listen...
...it has never been so many people in this club
since its opening”.
At the same time I do not feel
that people came to listen to me.
And I said: “Guys,
“it just happened, but this isn’t me”.
And, well...
People who come - they are unusual
Unusual, yeah...
They come and listen
They stay just right near me
Then I look at the faces on the photos, on videos
I don’t know... Those are kind faces.
Kind faces - that’s the main criteria.
I think they are kind people.
Advice... I think
it’s stupid to advice
Well, not stupid but...
I don’t want to do this because
budding musicians now stay
on many levels above me.
There are no limits for them.
They just need
to clear their mind
from unnecessary thoughts and doubts
and just sit down and create.
They don’t have any attachments
they don’t have anything.
No releases, no albums.
They are happy people!
I would give everything to go back to 2009 or 2008.
when I had nothing.
When I only had drafts and thoughts...
a lot of fantasies about how would I do that,
what would I get from this?
Yeah, now I enjoy live performances
I enjoy live sets,
parties, releases...
But this feeling
The sense of the presence of some dream inside you
I don’t know...
It is priceless
for those who is just going to write music
I sincerely envy you