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\f0\fs24 \cf0 It is true that Jesus has warned many people that he is coming soon. It is
true that his return could be any time from now to the next few score your years. He is
coming soon that is true. But people make the make the mistake of assuming things. They
assume it's going to be like this or like that. They assume that things are going to
fall down tomorrow just because things in the media don't look so good and so they put
their life on hold, they don't attend to their responsibilities. They think that it is going
to be so bad this year or last year that what is the point of just living a normal life
and working and carry out our daily responsibilities? And so they get all disappointed because things
didn't work out like they thought they should have. And the world didn't fall apart and
so they are left high and dry, a laughingstock to people, because they put all the things
on hold and now they're in trouble. They lost their job, they got all this trouble because
they allowed the hype about things that they don't know how will work out, to cause them
to become ANXIOUS and not really trust and follow God. Friends we are not here to be
like that. We can't just assume things and think that it's going to work out like this,
or we can't just think the world is going to end this year and so we just stop everything.
That is not how a servant of Jesus is. Jesus gives warning yes. He is giving warnings now
that we repent, yes. But he is giving warnings that we leave the following sin. He doesn't
say to leave your life and go and sit in a cave. He doesn't say that you got to drop
your job now unless he tells you specifically. He is not saying that it is all going to go
crash this year so you can just lock yourself in your house and your $10,000 you got stored
away is going to be enough. If you start assuming things like that then your money will run
out and you are going to be in trouble. You're just going of your own mind or what you assume.
NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING. People assume that maybe Jesus will come before there is trouble.
Other people assume that he'll come after a tribulation and a Mark of the beast and
all these things. Friends we don't know. Don't assume things, because if you do and it doesn't
work out how you think it will, you are going to get yourself into a lot of trouble you
could've avoided if you had just been a servant of Jesus and just went about your daily work
and focus on serving him not out of fear or anxiety but because he has given you something
to do and you want to serve him. This life is about serving God in bringing people to
the kingdom not being all fearful about the world's going to go kerplonk this year or
last year or the year before or at 2015 or 2018. People have many ideas on all these
things. Friends you DONT KNOW. Nobody knows, not even if they say God said it doesn't mean
that you should bank your knowledge on that. It is true Jesus warns he is coming, but that
is to get you to repent and serve him and be ready in service, SERVICE. Service means
we go about our lives, normal lives, putting Jesus first and doing what pleases him and
being his servant bringing people to the kingdom listening to the Holy Spirit keeping ourselves
from sin. The warning is to come out of SIN not come out of the world and go and stop
your job and go live in a cave. Follow Jesus be separate\'85\'85\