Eduardo ManosApio - Edward CeleryHands (English subtitles)

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A stage we all must face
The other side of life
A life that may take unexpected turns for each person
A life, that for some
implies rejection
And in spite of that
we all need to continue fighting
as many do
as he did
to whom some are saying goodbye today
Those who were able to see beyond a crunchy, stiff, insipid and stinky branch of celery
His problems started
as soon as he came into this world

What the hell is this? My son?
He had a tough childhood
Hello honey
Shall I help you with the salad?

Honey, he is our son! Do you remember?
It's been a difficult birth
You have had
a celery
My dear child
I'll never let anything happening to you
The years went by, and Eduardo became
a very handsome boy

Out of my house! For ever!
But finally he found his great love

Despite the initial discrimination, numberless citizens supported his cause
Celery is good!
Celery is good!
Eduardo's first great love
left tragically
In spite of all these difficulties
Eduardo grew up
becoming a man
of enviable talent
Does anyone know the answer to this problem?
I can't see any hands rising

Nut nobody can stop destiny, and love always finds its way
But when everything seemed to have improved for Eduardo
duty claimed him, and he was to go to war
It is not until somebody leaves us
that we realise what they meant to us
how they filled our souls, how big the loss is
but there will always be
a bit of them amongst us, a legacy