Tour Blog: Shakira - Belarus

Uploaded by shakira on 30.06.2011

We originally are from Venezuela, all of us living in Belarus
All of us, very excited, waiting for the Shakira show to start
Here in Belarus there's a very important Venezuelan community.
Shakira has a lot of fans in this city. In this concert we are more than 80.
She is so amazing, and we all love her so much.
Shakira I love your songs so much I've followed you since I was 10
I hope you are going to listen this message.
Shakira, you are a role model for all the youth.
I'm from Ecuador. I love Shakira because she is great as a person
We are here Shakira to watch you perform And listen to your music
You are super, we love you!
Greetings from Belarus. We love you!
It was great! She gave me this rose. I'll always carry her on my mind & heart
I love you Shakira
It was incredible, amazing... Excellent, excellent!
Very very happy