Honey and Clover (English-subbed) 4.5

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TKA Subbers Translator: Amanda Timer/Editor: Janice http://iswakfansubs.blogspot.com/
*It is my fault. Why did I let the bird brooch fly away just like that?*
This year is our school’s 40th anniversary.
The principal hope to use this opportunity to raise the school’s profile.
Your teaching load is the lightest.
The design work needed for the celebration. You are in charge of it.
Plans for the stalls for Open Day.
Media coverage of “confession cup event.”
Principal thinks that this Confession Cup event has been a school event for years.
Compared to other schools, Where each student gives away watermelon or mangoes to the person they fancy is definitely more media-worthy.
So we should get good media coverage for this.
Okay, I will try my best.
Another thing. I need your help with, Professor Tian.
No-pay leave? You want no-pay leave for a year?
Mongolia with De Da Shi.
De Da Shi is back?
Because he wants to go Mongolia for field research.
He has specially come back.
How is he?
He should be fine.
The best Tofu Noodles. Everybody try it. One bowl each.
-Whoa. -Brilliant.
Let me tell you, there is no such thing as a free meal. -And Zhen Shan’s bowl.
This year for the school's Open Day, each of you must think of a creative stall.
The Family Cocktails must definitely be one of the stalls. It is one of the most essential stalls for Open Day every year.
Furthermore, this year we have a special force, Xiao Yu.
Sen Tian’s yearly confession representation services, which we should definitely have.
This year Confession Cup event will be the main media event.
Because of this Sen Tian’s provision of such a service may be on TV.
If he knows about this, he would be ecstatic.
Ah Xiu, what is confession cup?
Do you not know? This is the university’s tradition.
On the day of the school anniversary. Before the stroke of midnight, you give the cup that you personally made to the person you fancy.
If he accepts the drink it contains that means he accepts your confession.
That's so fun.
Ya Gong, have you confessed before?
No. Ya Gong’s confession cup was made in her freshman year. It has been left at home for 4 years.
Senior, why haven't you given it out?
Sorry, I'm late.
Wow. You have already started?
My team has been busy with our graduation project. I couldn’t leave the team. So sorry about that.
Doesn't matter. I have kept some vegetables and meat for you.
Wow. Thank you.
The gentle Ya Gong is the cutest.
Senior, So do you intend to give your confession cup out this year?
TKA Subbers Translator: Amanda Timer/Editor: Janice http://iswakfansubs.blogspot.com/
The gentle Ya Gong is the cutest.
Senior. So do you intend to give your confession cup out this year?
Ya Gong doesn’t need to give out any confession cups.
She is the Snow White, who rejects all confession cups.
Zhu Ben, let me tell you.
Those who don’t like the girl and yet continue to string the girl along.
The confession cup won’t be given out for the next century.
Why isn’t he here for lunch today?
Zhu Ben
Why are you here?
I am looking for Sen Tian. I have not seen him for a few days.
He has disappeared from his usual practice. It will be some days before he appears
Hey. Your face is dirty.
Could you return this book to Sen Tian? The due date is over.
You came to look for Sen Tian. Is because you want to return this book?
That’s wonderful.
Oh yes, Zhu Ben.
Why these few days you no longer come to my house to make Rococo furniture?
Today. After class today, I'll be there.
Zhu Ben’s great. Thank you Zhu Ben.
I'm back.
No one.
I'm back.
I'm back.