Loukotě a řemeny v Jičíně 2012 - akce Veteran Car Clubu Jičín

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Fellies and Belts 2012
Long-distance Acetylene Tour
Every year, we try to prepare an innovation for participants.
This year, it was a Long-distance "Acetylene Run".
Tour starting in Vienna.
On the first of August, at high noon, we started
off from the Vienna technical museum
and followed a preset route
The whole tour was set for three days.
The first day was to Znojmo,
the next day on to Kutná Hora
and the third day was shorter in order
to get to Jicín
in time to be able to join the traditional
Fellies and Belts in Jicín gathering,
which always starts on Friday with a night drive under the light of acetylene lamps.
Four cars and two motorcycles started from Vienna. In spite of minor technical issues on the road, all the participants successfully reached the finish.
The whole tour ended according to plan.
Defects on the road: the shaft with two joints which connects the clutch with the gearbox.
The locking bolt came loose, the block housing moved and the joint blocks fell onto the road.
Fortunately, we found them all and put them back successfully.
For those with no idea, how many kilometres it was.
We drove 370 km in total and we should say that that was just enough for three days - pleasant daily "portions".
How many times did you fill up from Vienna?
... I think five times ... yes, five ... that's pretty good ... fuel consumption about 22 litres per 100 km
How was the trip? ...it was a long one, the motorcycle withstood it fine, unlike me... one is not used to sitting so long on a motorcycle; towards the end, it was not much fun at all...
Driving was fine, the itinerary was nicely planned. Last week, I alternatively swore and cried that I had decided to take part. ,
I do not regret it and I am happy that everyone finished fine and the tour was nice.
It was a pretty exhausting trip, but finished happily. After all, we must put up with such tests. If the trip is nice, everything is nice.
Friday night drive under the light of acetylene lamps
Fellies and Belts in Jicín - the traditional yearly gathering - we start off with an evening drive through Jicin.
Vehicle headlights are acetylene or kerosene lamps. The finish is, as usual, on Valdštejn square, where a group photograph for next year's calendar is taken.
Welcome to the start of the new Fellies and Belts in Jicin event.
As you can see, a number of precious vehicles participated this year again.
Apart from well-known cars and motorcycles whose owners regularly take part in this event, this year there are quite a few vehicles we have not seen here yet.
During the upcoming weekend, you will get the chance to see all the cars and their crews in period costumes.
...No gas yet ... and I have the last match!
Vrat a, what's the matter? .. well, no light - that's the matter, the wind must have extinguished the flame in the reflector!
no no no - I'm not going to fix it - my colleague is fixing it this time!
Valdstejn square in Jicín - night photography
Saturday trip to the Czech Paradise
This is a Hupmobile dating from 1911, type R20, a four-seat Phaethon
Is this your first time at the Fellies and Belts event?
No, we have been regular participants in Jicín since we bought this car. In addition, we go to the Oldtimers in Czech Paradise event.
This car is special in that it hasn't been modified at all. Of course, the roof is new, it couldn't survive 100 years.
The car comes from St. Louis, from a private collection, from where it came to Europe - to Holland.
However, the gearbox was not working and the new owner could not handle the problem, hence he sold the car through a vintage-car merchant. This was the way the car got to us.
I am driving an NSU 251R and I hope I will finish smiling. What year is it from? This was manufactured in 1928.
What a nice car you are driving. Can you introduce it to us?
... This is a real car ... it just looks like a chaise ...
The make is EMF Everitt - Metzger - Flanders. This year it is one hundred years since its manufacture. I even know the actual date of manufacture - 17th January 1912.
This is a DeDionBouton series 15 HD made in 1918. This is the first run of the car, because we just finished it this week - we think….
We know we are not fully finished yet, but we wanted to take part in this gathering. It is a great honour to be able to introduce the car here.
Especially because we love this event, we've been following it for years.
Sadly, we could not find a car to show here for a long time, but finally we succeeded at the turn of 2010/2011.
Then we focused only on being able to take part in this event and we are happy to be here now.
I came by Praga marked as R. It is a bus constructed on one of the chassis which were used as carriers for anti-aircraft searchlights during World War I.
What year is it from? It was manufactured in 1918, but commissioned in 1921.
We know you are a passionate collector of Praga vehicles. How did you get into such a hobby?
Just like every hobbyist ... when you like something, you start. I started more than fifty years ago. It was interesting right from the beginning - maybe different from today, but no less interesting.
What kind of car are you driving?
This is a Ford T 1913 and we hope we get to the finish.
Is this your first time here?
Yes, it is our first run here and we are really enjoying it.
So you like it here? Will you come again next year?
Definitely - with our colleague Mr. Beran and the team from Lanškroun, we will surely come again and it will be an honour if we are invited.
The drive here is superb, beautiful scenery, friendly people - just perfect!
Today, I will be driving an English HB motorcycle manufactured in 1920.
Is this your first time in the Fellies and Belts gathering?
Yes, it's my first time in Fellies. However, I come here every June as well, for the Oldtimers in Czech Paradise event - with other motorcycles.
Will you come again - do you like it here?
I definitely like it here, so for sure - will come again.
On Saturday, we enjoyed the magnificent bends of the Czech Paradise on the way to Turnov.The machines were to be exhibited on the main square.Further on, we continued to the Hrubý Rohozec chateau.
We returned to Jicín via Rovensko pod Troskami.
Are you satisfied with the number of participants?
We are always satisfied with the number of participants, because many of them return as they enjoy it so much and they always bring someone else with them - new faces, new vehicles, so the number increases every year, which we are happy about.
Vesec near Sobotka - a protected area - a break for refreshments, service and maintenance.
All the way down I kept shouting at you not to drive that fast! .. How are you going to slow down from such speed?
.. no idea... with my feet?
Well, not sure what to drive. If I ride my own motorcycle, his breaks down. If I ride his bike, mine breaks down... we have to change vehicles somehow.
This could seize up ... nobody has greased it for 70 years! …
After the drive from Vienna, everything is creaking and screeching ... we must grease, grease and grease.
Turnov, lunch break.
Hey Paul - we've arrived - the clutch is slipping a bit, but it's still ok.
A few words about the Hrubý Rohozec castle and the subsequent visit to it
Rumcajs camp - our Saturday destination
Sunday drive to Láznì Bìlohrad.
Today, we plan to drive to Lázne Belohrad via Drevenice, Luzany and Chotec. We will take lunch in a new spa house called "Life tree".
In the afternoon, a final summing-up of the event will take place, participants will receive traditional bronze shields and commemorative certificates with photographs from the Friday night drive.
Then we will wish everyone a happy journey back home. And then we can start looking forward to seeing everyone back at next year's Fellies and Belts in Jicín.
This cigar is for the finish...
Time is compelling. It is not long since we opened this year's Fellies and Belts at the campsite and now only the final point awaits us.
Like every year, we have traditional hand-made bronze shields and commemorative certificates to hand out.
It should be said that Pavel Beran is the only car driver who has all the shields since the very beginning of the Fellies and Belts gathering.
We wish you all a happy and safe journey home and hope to see you again next year!