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"If I have been able to see further, it was only because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." Isaac Newton.
We are in the middle of a technological renaissance.
The spread of information and improvement in technology
are exponentially increasing in speed.
Faster, better, smaller, smarter, further.
Currently our scientists are developing artificial intelligence,
medical breakthroughs,
biotechnology and nanotechnology,
even a space elevator.
These all rely on software to function.
Behind the scenes of this world
beyond the hype of the next hottest release
there is a war going on.
"Competition is a sin." John D. Rockefeller
A European court found Microsoft guilty
of abusing its Windows monopoly to exclude competitors from the software market.
Software is so important to so many things,
and if you can control the software,
it's like controlling the flow of oil.
It's kind of weird because everything you do as an educator,
involving mathematics at least, is open, except possibly the software.
Apple plus Microsoft equals 100% of the desktop computer market.
For too long, we've had all of these damn companies who say:
"Okay, so if you want to make content, you've got to do it in this format, you've got to do it in this way."
When you get a program, from say a proprietary software company like Microsoft,
you are left effectively helpless.
They don't give you the source code.
When your mail client is hosted at Google,
Google could decide they are going to suspend your account,
and then you disappear.
And all of your information disappears.
Your digital life could be destroyed in a minute,
and it could be a mistake.
The open source movement is changing the way that businesses around the world are operating.
If you improve it, those changes, if you are publishing them,
also have to stay under the same license.
So the body of free software just grows, and grows, and grows.
Facebook uses open source software, lots of companies use open source software.
NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange,
Google, Amazon, it's in planes, the Airbus,
all the film industry,
it's in the power turbines,
80% of the US's power is generated using Linux.
The military has realized that Linux is a very good thing to use for a lot of their missions.
Linux powers over 90% of the world's supercomputers.
"Linux isn't going away. Linux is a serious computer. We will rise to that challenge." Steve Ballmer, 2003
We don't need something like WikiLeaks to come in and expose some secret things that we have going on,
because we make everything in our development process public.
It's all there, freely available for people to use,
and it's free. It doesn't cost money.
I want to be able to open a device and see how it works
and make it better.
That's really what makes the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.
The villages have no electricity, no telephone, no television,
and the children take laptops home
that are connected broadband to the Internet.
It is about people having the ability
to control their own destiny when it comes to technology.
And that's what challenged the industry as well.
Their first attempt to do something about it was to call it
an un-American cancerous virus that eats up software like a Pac-Man.
10 years ago, Microsoft was the Evil Empire,
these days Apple has certainly taken that crown.
We are handing over power,
and we don't know what they are going to do with that power,
and we don't have any way to hold them accountable.
Free software changed the way social movements communicate.
The Internet connection was cut off, but you kept seeing videos.
They had ways of communicating, even when the country tried to cut themselves off.
If I'm not a programmer, I want my friends to be able to do it,
I want the thinktank to do it, I want the university to do it,
I want the world to be able to look at this software, and make sure that it's safe.
You want software wars? I can tell you about software wars.
I would have to say that my entire history at NASA was involved with software.
There's nothing more valuable than being able to control information,
not just the flow of information, but information itself!
In order to reach greatness, you have to be able to build on what has gone before you.
Software Wars