Speech of the Rector of ICCPL, Mr Cassim on the Prize Giving Ceremony 2012

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Une tres belle performance de nos eleves. Maintenant une discours, de notre Recteur:Mr Casseem
Il va vous addresse quelque mot
Assalamuralaikoum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu. Good Morning to Everybody. Je tiens a
remercier le Maitre de Ceremonie
tres jeune enseignenant
Monsieur Mohomedally Talha
Et Pour
La ceremonie du
remise des prixs
ce matin. Je vais m'adresser en anglais ce fois ci.
Dear colleagues and students
I am pleased to address you on the occasion of the prize giving day
o4th October 2012. It is a celebration which provides an opportunity to reflect
on the achievement of the college as well as the daunting challenges that face the student population, teaching staff, and the capacity of meeting those challenges.
May I at the very outset extend to you all my warmest congratulation on your commendable performances in various fields.
On the other hand, I should encourage other students to aim high in their academic studies. We have a very competitive system of education whereby
Students have to make substandtial efforts to be amongst the best and to achieve success in life. We have various international organisations aiming for this.
UNESCO, for example. You have "EDUCATION FOR ALL". Agenda for UNESCO. You will find that tomorrow is for example the "Teacher's Day".
For Mauritius, for example, which is under severe external pressures and increasingly exposed to the prevailing global competition. Reforming our education Sector is not only
an act of faith. It is an act of Patriotism. It is no longer sufficient to have an educated population which is now the sinequanone, which is nothing less than an educational
quality and of a tertial standard.My Dear Students and colleagues, this requires a paradigm shift, a new mindset of "ALWAYS THINKING GLOBAL WHILE ACTING LOCAL".
Hence, our determination for providing our students with quality educations, Which is our aim at the Islamic Cultural College of Port Louis.
I take this point of view is shared by dear colleagues.Easy said but difficult to practice.
My Dear Students and colleagues. We have a very clear vision of where we want to go
and which we want to achieve.
We have several targets in the education sector which are high
Dear Students, you are the future citizens of tomorrow.
and amongst you there may be even potential future nation builders
But bore in mind, that better learning and effective education
is the sumportal of a number of factors
Namely: relevant curriculum, pupil teacher ratio
Teacher Quality, Language of instruction
Learning Materials, Learning Time, Pedagogy, Facilities
And Amenities, Funding
Education is a National Concern. It is
such a dynamic sector. It is the best mean
to be involved in social activities.
Education is only way for modest family to climb the economic ladder
My Dear Students, we should all, before be thankful
to your teachers. Your academic achievement in life depends to a large extent
to their sacrifice, but also YOUR sacrifice to achieve success as well as
what you have received from the teachers
Dear Students
You should pay tribute to your teachers. Infact
you should, we should all pay tribute to teachers
Because Teachers Impact many generations
So the 5th October is proclaimed by UNESCO as "Teacher's Day"
Everyone has a favorite teacher. You may love a special teacher or his charisma
For Knowledge. Often, our best memories of childhood revolve around a great teacher which impact and change our lives. Their words or
actions linger into our memories even after we leave school.Subsconciously we emulate them and pass knowledge to the next generation.
Thus a great teacher'influence 56 00:07:08,660 --> 00:07:11,480 can last for many generations.
Our greatest wish is that through
continuous hardwork and dilligence you keep on paying tribute to the teachers so that
the upcoming generations remember the valuable contribution
to our system of education and economy.I also seek the opportunity to commend and thank my Deputy Rector; Mr AbdourRahman,
the prize giving committee,
the various initiatives undertaken to prepare the prize giving ceremony
and also to encourage good practices at school level
My thanks go to the Head of the Islamic Studies Department
Educators of the French and English Department
in connection to the preparation of children for today's program
Thanks also to the teaching and non teaching staffs for their
commitment. May I once more commend the efforts done by the prize winners
Such steps will further encourage and motivate others in tomorrows world
Dear Students, We are living in a global village
The aim of preparing students for a life long learning in the fast global changing
multiracial, multicultural and socioeconomic world
will be successfully achieved. Students will be empowered to face the
challenge of the Aléas and the global village
and this is not only an occasion to celebrate, but also an opportunity for
you to renew the commitment for the world and a better here towards linking
continuous improvement with sustainable development. I would like to thank
you all. May you be blessed by the Almighty and best of Luck also for your exams. Thanks You.
Voila, un tres beau discours de notre cher Recteur
et voila de quoi aussi vous motiver pour les examens. Alors sans plus tarder, nous allons passer a la remise des prixs.