I Am Your Father: The Admiral Strikes Back (Southridge Father's Day 2013) (PART 2)

Uploaded by williamdlc3 on 25.12.2012

Subtitled by the Admirals Media
Helm Trooper: Hey!
Helm Trooper: Its
Helm Trooper: Bluebeard!
Helm Troopers: Let's get him!!
Bluebeard: What was that?!
Helm Trooper: Let's get it on!!
Bluebeard: Let's fight.
No Name: I got dis, I got dis!
No Name: Herrr, hold dis
Bluebeard: Aggh, who are there?
No Name: i hab n0 nam3 but i'm h3rr to help u!!!!
Bluebeard: You have a name now.
Bluebeard: Apprentice.
Bluebeard and Vinta Apprentice: GREENHEART!
Greenheart and Helm Apprentice: BLUEBEARD!
Bluebeard: You plan to steal the Father's Day cup!
Greenheart: Me, Bluebeard?
Greenheart: Such an accusation shocks me!
Helm Apprentice: Yeah, yeah....
Bluebeard: Only you would have done such a thing!
Vinta Apprentice: yea, yea, mmHm, mmHm!!
Greenheart: No, you did!!
Greenheart: Get the hologram!!
Greenheart: My, my lightsaber. Bring it here.
Bluebeard: You stole it!
Greenheart: No, you stole it!
Greenheart: Apprentice, return!
Helm Apprentice: Sir I couldn't find the hologram, this is all I found!
Greenheart: Right...
Bluebeard: Enough!
Bluebeard: Let's duel!
Greenheart: Very well!
Greenheart: Apprentice, lightsaber!
Greenheart: Let's fight!
Andy The Admiral: Wait, wait, wai-it! Don't!
Greenheart and Bluebeard: Andy!!
Bluebeard: See you February 2, Greenheart!
Bluebeard: Prepare your troops!
Greenheart: He's right!
Greenheart: We need to train!