EBBW - The Pretenders

Uploaded by EBBWrestling on 23.02.2012

Hi people, I'm the EBBW's wrestler Mateus...
No, no, hold on right here, pal...
How do you have the audacity to come at my home, use my camera... To make the introduction to the event?
Ah. So, respect me. I make the rules here.
People, EBBW is coming back to it's activities, after almost a year!
And I'll not take much time before the fight, because the action is what matters.
So, today I'm going to defeat this guy quickly...
And you'll see it right now!
Today you'll not fight me! You'll face this man right here!
Wait.. You think that you can make rules now?
I'm the chairman! Decisions are mine!
But he's stylish, I'll let him fight today, but you'll have to take part in the match too.
So... How about you two try to defeat me?
No problems!
So go to your corner, because I want a fight with rules.
And don't leave this place! You know the consequences...
Wasn't you the champion? The chairman? Wasn't you going to defeat us?
But in the end... You were humiliated!
Humiliated... By a rookie!