Tutorial: Moodle 2.2 Video 2

Uploaded by distributedlearning1 on 18.07.2012

[Male narrator] Well hi everybody and welcome to Introduction to Moodle 2.2
This is the second video in the series. It finally went over to the new screen
this section is all about looking at some of the features - specifically the
Resources and Activities
that we've all come to know
and love. Notice on the right-hand column we have
different items, different plugins installed - for example we have
and at the very top
"Course Ratings" - your users can let you know,
by the appropriate number of stars,
what they think of your course.
Let's come over to the left-hand column, and kind of
...if you remember, previously we had a number of folders...
well, we have those things in
a written form instead of with icons
and here in the upper
corner of the navigation block, you can click it
and you can reduce
that information.
Here's the Activities block, which I recommend everybody use, and because we
have so many activities these are most,
but not all,
of the activities that we have.
I'm going to come up to the top and
call your attention -
this is is not going to be used until January of 2013.
There will be some Fall 2012 classes in the next video,
and if you're going to be teaching next semester,
Fall of 2012,
a duplicate set of classes has been created
so you can get in
if you're a faculty member, and actually try out some of the
things we're looking at here.
With that said, you also have a link back
to the development site in case you wish to put some comments,
and right above it, you have your input on features.
As we remember, here in Topic Area 1, "Resources"
are things students use - for example, if you want to upload a
syllabus or add a link to another video,
notice "external media sample" - that's brand new...
and as we scroll down the Activities area
has really taken off!
And in video number 3, for faculty,
you will see just how many new choices there are
in the Activities. A couple of them have not been plugged in,
in this version, but we have left everything active in the
faculty section so you can make your choices and your suggestions.
We have our old favorites - "Offline Activity"
"Uploading a single file",
et cetera, et cetera, but notice we have
new things - like "Booking a Field Trip Reservation"
well, you can actually set up something and
book for a field trip, or a tour,
or could be used in connection with a club activity.
And I see we're going to have one of those sessions that is just
wants to take forever... while that's loading...
I'll notice we have chat
I'm sorry... "Checklist", a Chatroom,
"Flash Cards" are new...
and here we are -
You can book an activity, you can set dates - notice here in the left hand side
we have a number of places available -
you can specialized, or specify, rather
the booking information.
And, as a student, you can actually book
your place. This could also be in addition to a field trip -
this could be booking a time for presentation.
So there's an awful lot of new things available in
the 2.2.
As we head back...
there we go,
we're going to scroll down, and notice
in Topic Area 4, we have a Podcast, that's kind of interesting!
And Wikis - oh my goodness, Wiki people you
are going to love it!
There are several versions of the Wiki - I recommend the "Creole" version...
a) it's extra spicy and b) it works really, really well - you don't have to do any
extra HTML coding.
And not only is the Quiz back, but they have a realtime Quiz, which allows you to
create questions on-the-fly. I'm going to invite you to play with this
and I think you're going to like it a lot better! And let me show what
we're going to do next.
I'm going to come up here to the top
lefthand corner, and I'm going to choose "HOME"
...let's see how long this takes...
and we'll get to
"Home" Moodle page
and if you are a regular faculty member,
and you're going to be
teaching a course,
we'll scroll down just a little bit
and here's the Moodle Support and Training
and here's the Fall 2012 classes.
If you enter
your CRN in the "search course" area,
by golly, your course should pop right up!
And by the way, here at the top we've added
links to "myHumboldt" and where it says "Get Help"
there's a Student and Faculty Guide to Moodle,
course copies, setting up a helpdesk ticket,
all kinds of good stuff there.
So go on back in,
go down to Moodle Support & Training
go on down and find the Moodle 2.2 Intro,
play around in there, explore and then come on back
and watch video number 3!