DIY ARMBAND/BRACELET zum Selbermachen!!

Uploaded by HerrTutorial on 04.05.2012

DIY Bracelet Accesoires Simple, cheap & individual
Hey my friends, todays video will be a DIY tutorial.
Today I'm totally chilled and the weather is a little bit gray
and I seriously can't wait for the weather to become more sunny and warmer.
At the moment I'm wearing this - my favorite sweater.
I'm very relaxed right now, hope you're too in front of your pc.
Since my last video I've got so many questions like
"Sami, where did you get your bracelet from?"
Here it is ,if you didn't see it yet.
And I've received such a huge feedback and I was like
Oh, cool I've made it on my own and I could make a DIY video about it.
I love being creative with things you already have at home
and especially with things that are cheap to recreate.
This bracelet looks like an expensive designer piece
but it's very cheap.
Today I'm going to show you how it works.
And I need your feedback whether I should make more do-it-yourself videos
and I've got so many ideas because summer is coming.
At the moment it's very gray...
F**ck off weather!!
But I've thought to myself it can do no harm to show you
and I hope you enjoy and give thumbs up if you wanna have more DIY videos.
So that I know whether you wanna watch it and then I'm supposed to make more cool DIY videos
with things that are individual and people will ask where you've got it from.
Anyway, enjoy the video and leave a comment what positive thing you've already done today.
No matter wether you've helped a grandma out of a burning house...
I don't recommendthat, call the fire department
or anything else positive - write your inspiring stories into the comments.
Enjoy the video and hope you like it =)
And here we go. You can find the things you need
in a well-assorted toolbox or in a DIY market or art supply store.
You only need female screws out of brass, leather strap and carabiner clasp and scissors.
In the very first step your're going to take the strap to size it exactly for your arm.
You need three parts of equal length which fit around your brachial joint twice.
Just knot them together to start with the weaving of the whole bracelet.
If you have no helping hand at diposal then you should take some tape to fix it on the table.
Afterwards we're going to weave the bracelet 1-1/2cm to start with the technique to add the female screws.
You're simply going to take the outer strap and insert a female screw.
You should press it on the strap before you're adding another female screw on the outer strap on the other side.
It always goes on this way: Overcross it when you've added the female screw,
go to the outer strap again and add a female screw, tie it up and go on weaving =)
As soon as you've got the technique your bracelet should look like this after 5 minutes.
You can use different types of female screws and make your bracelet individual.
And then you should weave it another 1-1/2 cm so that it looks like this.
It already looks really great!
Then you're going to measure it out again to cut off the rest of the bracelet
to apply the carabiner clasp.
I'm applying it with little pliers and press the carabiner clasp on the bracelet like this.
And then we've finished with the bracelet =)
cheap & individual!
& simple!
Another way: out of cotton thread!
Finally this is it with the video.
Hope you've enjoyed watching how I've made this bracelet
and you could see how simple it is.
You only have to weave it and tie up everything and then you've got it.
Then you've got a cool-looking bracelet and it blings very nice and it spiffs up every outfit!
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Anyway, hope you've enjoyed and thumbs up for more DIY videos.
I'm looking forward to your positive feedback and see you later
I'm saying Bye <3
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