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Grace Lee is making a life and death decision. Afflicted with inoperable cancer, the paralyzed
28-year old repeatedly told hospital staff members of her wish to be taken off life support.
Her deeply religious parents then asked the court to block her “suicide.” The woman
has now had a change of heart and has designated her father to make medical decisions for her.
This life and death drama will continue to unfold.
Israel scrambled fighter jets to intercept a drone that crossed deep into its airspace
from the Mediterranean Sea and shot down the unmanned aircraft over Israel’s southern
desert. Tensions are high between Iran and Israel over Tehran’s nuclear program and
the potential development of atomic weapons. Israel has threatened to launch a military
strike against Iran to prevent it from further development of nuclear weapons.
A North Korean soldier fired six shots and reportedly killed two of his comrades before
defecting to South Korea through the Imjingak area of the DMZ. After crossing into the South
around noon, he was immediately taken into custody and interrogated. This type of defection
is rare-- a North Korean soldier defected in 2010 and an officer and soldier defected
in 2008.
James Bond has turned 50 years old. The initial movie from author Ian Fleming’s novels was
aired on October 5, 1962. Sean Connery was the first actor to play 007 alongside a long
list of beautiful women who have come to be known as “Bond Girls.” The newest Bond
movie is titled “Skyfall” and will be released in late October. The franchise continues…
A two-ton balloon taller than the Statue of Liberty (55 stories) will take “Fearless
Felix Baumgartner to the edge of space where he will free fall 120,000 feet and hit speeds
of 700mph. After 5 years of preparation, all systems are go, depending on the weather.
The previous record height for a parachute jump was 102,000 feet in 1960.
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, based in Taiwan, recently broke ground on its second
factory in Paju City. The new radio frequency chip plant is slated for commercial operation
in 2017 and will require an additional 2,325 employees. Potential markets include automotive
systems and local cellphone vendors.