Maribor In Your Pocket - The Old Vine & The Old Vine House

Uploaded by InYourPocketGuides on 25.10.2010

We are here at probably Maribor’s most famous site, the oldest vine in the world. The Guinness book
has certified it as being over 400 years old and it’s produced wine the entire time.
Nowadays it still produces roughly 30 - 50 litres per year.
However if you want to try it you’ll probably be out of luck since it’s only used for official government protocol events.
It produces a very sour red grape variety that is actually no longer grown in the region
since now they mainly have white wines.
Now we are inside the old vine house at their, modern vinoteca.
They only have wines within 20km of Maribor. That actually includes over 120 different varieties.
Now we are sampling a dry white,
which is really good even at 10am in the morning.