San José Library LuvYrLibrary 2012 Cambrian TeensReach

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[purposeful rock music]
>> TEEN 1: Hey, did you bring the marker?
>> TEEN 2: No, I thought you were supposed to bring it.
>> TEEN 1: No, I thought you were.
>> TEEN 2: It doesn't matter. It's just a marker.
>> TEEN 1: It's important! Coloring is 30% of our grade!
>> TEEN 2: Don't get mad. Just ask the librarians. They'll give everything you need.
>> TEEN 1: Whatever.
[slams chair]
>> LIBRARIAN: May I help you?
>> TEEN 1: Yeah, could I -- excuse me, could I have a marker, please?
>> TEEN 1: Thank you so much!
>> LIBRARIAN: You're welcome.
>> TEEN 1: Dude, I'm so happy that -- I -- I got the markers!
>> TEEN 2: I told you they would give you everything you need.
>> TEEN 1: I know, but I... you know, like, I can't imagine a world without a library,
[whooshing sound]
[ominous sounds]
>> BOTH: Ah! Oh!
>> TEEN 1: What the... what is this place?
>> TEEN 1: It's closed? It's closed!
>> TEEN 2: Why is it closed?
>> TEEN 1: I don't know, but... it says right here, "Due to the budget, Cambrian Public
Library has been shut down?!"
>> TEEN 2: But man, how are we going to finish our history project?
>> TEEN 1: I know! I know... we're gonna fail, we gonna do something about it, and -- we
fail, that means no graduation, no graduation... my God, we gotta... we gonna have some...
we gonna work somewhere like McDonald's. McDonald's, man!
>> TEEN 2: Dude, I know. This world is terrible without libraries.
>> TEEN 1: It's a dream!
>> TEEN 2: Calm down, man, calm down. Calm down. Cut it out.
>> TEEN 2: Dude, just --
>> TEEN 1: No!
[plaintive music]
>> GIRL: Because I like bringing books and play games.
>> GIRL: It has lots and lots of books that people can read, and chapter books.
>> MAN: There's only one way that we can really communicate with our families, and that's
through e-mail. And the library provides us with that opportunity, so that we can e-mail
our families and let them know who we are.
>> TEEN: I like the library because I can't study at home, and it's peace and quiet over
>> MAN: I like my library because little kids get to run around free in this area, the kid's
area. The kids like coming to the library because they meet a lot of new friends out
>> GIRL: This is my book, and I want to take it home, and this is how you do it.
>> GIRL: I just checked out my book.
>> LADY: It's a really useful place to come and hang out with other mothers and their
kids when the kids are little, and when they get older, they start researching and they
can find the books they need.
[rock music]