graphication ft. MXoN 2012 | Team Germany - Der Film - English subtitles! [Roczen/Nagl/Schiffer]

Uploaded by graphication on 24.11.2012

Are the Americans the team to beat? Are they riding in a league of their own or..
No, they are vincible -- that's definitely possible.
And that is the goal?
We definitely had an awesome day. Despite the rainy weather, the track's been in top shape. Thanks to Club "Grevenbroich".
It was really cool that so many people came to watch the team training.
The track was fine, we've all been riding well and are ready for the coming weekend!
Let the motor warm up and then let it hit the rev limiter!
The track's been perfectly prepared. It was really fun to ride.
Lots of people came watching -- Felt really great!
We all rode pretty well. I think podium is more than possible. With a little luck, it looks really good for us.
It's been a really sweet day. I had a lot of fun riding with Ken and Max. In the end we fooled around a little trying lanes and turns.
We hadn't expected so many fans to come today -- that made it even greater for us!
The team has the advantage, that one of their riders has the "Golden Hen" trophy and the "Golden Hen" will silver -respectively- gild the raceday.