Wegmans Meatloaf

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 18.01.2013


Hey guys, Chef Mark here.
Today, I'm gonna make a meatloaf.
I just had lunch here in the cafe.
Now I need to grab some stuff from prepared foods.
I'm gonna grab my gravy for this, but we're upscaling a little bit.
This is our demi-glace.
It's chef-prepared, really delicious.
It's gonna a great finishing sauce for our meatloaf.
All right, the next thing you're gonna need to grab for this
is our Memphis barbecue sauce.
It has the perfect amount of twang to it
that's gonna really make our meatloaf sing.
Okay, one last item to grab for our meatloaf here,
and it's down here, so...
We're gonna use our Wegman's brand panko bread crumbs.
The reason why I'm gonna use this is because it makes that meatloaf
really nice and light, which I love, so...
Let's go put this together.
All right, so we're gonna put our meatloaf together,
and we've got all our ingredients ready to go, so.
We're gonna start with our 80 percent one pound ground beef.
We're gonna do two eggs.
Toss those in.
We're gonna do 2 1/2 tablespoons of our Memphis barbecue sauce.
And then a half a cup of diced onions.
And then we're gonna go with two tablespoons of our basting oil.
This'll give it a little bit of herbal flavor.
One, we'll go...two.
All right, salt and pepper.
And we're gonna do 1 1/4 cups of our panko bread crumbs.
Again, this is to make it a little bit more light.
And all we're gonna do with this is work this all together.
And keep in mind, this is almost like a--like a burger.
You really don't want to work this a lot.
You really just want to make sure that this comes together.
Mixes evenly, but you don't want to work it a ton.
So you're sort of tossing on itself.
That panko bread crumb's gonna get moist from the eggs
and the basting oil.
All right, then all we're gonna do is we're gonna take this
and put it on a prepared baking sheet, which I've got a piece of parchment on.
Sort of bring it together in the bowl,
and come over here,
and we're gonna form a loaf.
We're gonna mix this.
Form it up.
So it just comes together.
Loaf shape so it'll make nice slices.
And it'll cook evenly, and we're gonna go into
a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.
It's gonna come out, we're gonna toss it
with the barbecue sauce, we're gonna coat it on the top
and go back in to finish it.
Okay, so this has been in the oven for half an hour,
and we've got our other two tablespoons of our barbecue sauce here,
which I'm just gonna rub over the top.
You don't put it on in the beginning because it would get too brown,
but we really want that nice glaze that it's gonna give
as it's gonna go back in the oven for another 25, 30 minutes or so.
I'm gonna tell you that's a range,
but I definitely want to make sure that you're temping this to 160 degrees.
And then we're gonna pull it out of the oven, so...
Back into the 350.
So this has come out of the oven,
We're at 160 degrees, we're ready to go.
All we need to do is slice this thing.
And you just simply lift it off.
You make a couple quick slices at this.
Myself, I like meatloaf the day afterwards.
I like to take it, and I even throw it on the grill.
Put some barbecue sauce on it.
Everybody has their favorite way they like it.
We're gonna simply take this and place it right on the plate.
We've got some of that demi-glace that has warmed up.
I got it right here.
Right over the top, nice and warm.
Eat it just as is or leftovers.
It's gonna be great.
It's a home-style, classic meatloaf.
You're gonna love this one.