Stephen Chow - The Top Bet (賭霸)

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What are you waiting? It's no use no matter who is coming
Ladies & gentlemen, 4 Aces!
How can your win my flush by 3 Aces?
Are you dreaming?
Spade Ace!
I win!
The Ace goes to you!
Uncle San!
The Saint of Gambling won beautifully!
He had taken the bread out of Hung Kwong's mouth!
Be careful of the chair, don't damage it
It was sat by the Saint of Gambling, it's memorial!
I know it, let's go
From this game,
I find gambling exciting
So I've decided
to tour around the world
Take care yourself!
Why a world trip?
To know more about gambling of different countries!
There are many desperadoes!
Don't worry, I'm kung-fu fighter
Can you defeat
Stallone & Hussein?
I learn something from you
What's it?
Our gifted special power
Is to help the poor,
to serve our country
Ah Shing used the special power...
To win in the Gambling Competition
He still called himself Saint of Gambling
Many party members are not happy about it
What'll we do?
Arrest him for punishment
You're his sister, if he rebels
What will you do?
To do what the party orders!
Hurry up! Are you working?
Why do you take your stupid dog here?
Work now
Hurry up! Take them inside, be quick!
Or I won't pay you
Ah Tai!
Why you are here?
I told you to do it while you told them to do it for you!
If I do it myself I'll lose my face
You're my only brother, I want you be hard-working
So that your brother-in-law won't look down upon you
I'll do it!
Poor guy!
"The Saint of Gambling's Club", that's the one!
He is the Saint, then who am I?
I'll arrest you back to China
Take a million
How can I take it?
You're given me that 10 million dollars as award
Oh, I've got it
Special tips!
No! How can I have it alone?
Come on, share it with your fellows
Here is $5.6, share it
This is the deposit to Ah Shing
Hung organises a Super King of Gambling Competition in next month
He wants to rise again
But I won't let him go. I want him die!
So Ah Shing'd represent me to join this competition
Hey boy, give me back $5.6 first
Boss, can I give back the deposit?
What? You can only pay back your life
Ah Shing is now on a world trip,
I can't find him
Meanwhile, he swears that he'll never gamble
I'm telling you, if you can't find him back, I'll chop you
Chop me? I really don't know where he is
You can't go in...
Why so noisy?
What's up? Who are you?
She said that she's your relative
I'm the sister of Shing I'm Mei! Remember me?
Don't try to cheat here!
Why any relative came to me
when I was poor?
Don't you believe? "Uncle San"
You're Mei?
I think she is the sister of Shing
You got mad
when she called you "Uncle San"
I won't care who she is, you'd give me Ah Shing
Damn you!
How can you force him to give you Shing?
The way you talk is just like the triads
I'll record this
Stop saying that...
What's your name?
You bitch, vanish now
Otherwise, I'll force you to eat them up
Damn it...
He'll chop me, he will!
Why not I force you to eat them up first?
Where are they?
In your stomach
Idiot! How can they all be eaten?
What? 4 great blessings?
13 odds?
You're calling!
Get lost!
Are you OK?
Drawing 9 circles yourself?
Damn! I'm now telling you
I know it's a little bit fast for you to vanish
I know it, I'm now giving you a week's time
If you don't vanish...
It doesn't matter! You can substitute Ah Shing
You are as powerful as Shing
If I don't accept, how is it then?
I'll chop your uncle!
It's not my business!
Mei, you'd not talk in this way for you're my relative
Don't panic, I've special power
I can save you
You're challenging me? I'll show you!
Go ahead!
It's a small punishment today
If you can't get me Ah Shing in 1 week's time
I'll kill all of you
Am I involved? Why?
I scare nothing! Ah Shing left alone
It's no use for you to push them!
It's not my business!
Maybe you just hide Ah Shing up, how do I know it?
Once nobody is better than Ah Shing
He can't stay free!
Let's go!
Goodbye! Be careful...
Why don't you save me? I'm dying!
It's a long road to your death!
How can you talk like this? See the blood!
Use your power now! Come on...
Why should I?
Take the medicine & bandage out
Why don't you use your special power to save me?
Idiot! Don't you think I am God?
Call the ambulance!
It's OK, you'll recover soon,
may be 2 weeks rest
OK, it's OK!
This is the most fashionable design in Japan,
worth $10,000
They are dishonest! This is made by so little cloth!
Do you like it?
I'll buy you one
If only you promise to help me
Come & eat the grapes!
I can't help this time!
Special power is used to save but not to gamble
What Shing did was wrong!
So our boss told me to arrest him back
I only bring along $200 Renminbi, is that enough?
Mei, I've brought you some fashion magazines
Are they having cancer? Their hair color changed!
No, this is the fashionable hair style
Cool-blooded! You don't even save your relative
You don't save your uncle? I'll let you eat Epsom salt
I can't teach you special power cause you don't have gifted talent
Are you kidding? I've never heard of that
Come on, have the sweet soup now
It smells good
You dare to put some medicine in my bowl?
What do you want?
I've released some special power on you,
called hermaphrodite
While I am waiting for Shing
If you do something bad to me again,
no one can save you
You'll become a man slowly!
Are you threatening me?
Why it is?
You believe now? From now on, you'll have something more
It'll grow longer & longer...
feel it?
What're you looking?
I'm talking about the moustache!
Brother Tat
Why do you look at me?
Who are you? Why you act as Auntie Luke?
Uncle San, there are many people with special power in HK
It's no need for you to beg Ah Mei!
you know the Queen of Gambling in our fish mongery?
Yeah, she's great!
She never loses!
Go & seek her help
I've lost so much, otherwise, I don't have to borrow from you
Shut up! Ah Ping lost so much
So we want to borrow from you
I'll show her to you tomorrow
I think I've to go once
Hurry up! They're waiting for our fishes
What're they doing?
I think the Queen of Gambling is winning again,
they take the fishes as chips!
My call, 2 quintals of Dragon fish
Well, I call 2 quintals of Carp
How much has he left?
Just 10 more quintals of fish only
And few crabs too
Show hand!
What? You mean show hand?
Show me your cards?
After you
King full house
4 twos
Damn! How come you had so many 2s
Brother Shaw!
You? I won't believe you can win everytime
Deal now!
A pair of Ace, my call, 10 quintals of prawns
OK! 10 quintals of prawns
Damn you! She has a pair of Ace!
We've nothing? We lose! Get away!
You're really lucky!
If you're playing my part, I don't think you can be so proud!
You think your luck is poor? OK, change our cards
Well, your call!
Show hand!
You've only eight fishes left, how can you show hand?
Brothers, do you want a revenge?
Be quick!
I've a quintal of Saury pike
I've Hair tail fish
Give way... I've pineapples!
Here is fish mongery! No fruits allowed!
Get lost!
Am I going to accept?
Am I going to accept it?
Am I going to take this risk? OK!
I take it!
I've a seven,
if you can get the last 7, you can win!
7, 7...
Do you know there are 47 s?
Damn! How can she make it?
Brother Shaw we'd have won if you didn't change the cards with her
Damn you! Shut up OK?
Are you Queen of Gambling?
Yeah! You want to play with me?
I've seen it! You card-sharper!
What're you saying? Any proofs?
If not, how do you know there're 37 s?
That's why you changed the cards with them
Gambling needs sense!
I know what the cards are when I touch it
Sense? That means you've special power!
You can put it in this way!
So you must employ me as agent
Ever heard of Saint of Gambling?
I'm his agent!
Everyone calls me Uncle San The Saint is trained by me
I've seen you gambled, I think you've talent
You need some time & me, then you can be another Saint!
Maybe, you can be more successful
What's that use?
You can have 10 million US dollars
$10 million?
If you co-operate with me, I can give you 10% deposit
A million then?
This is my card, call me if you're interested
Fuji night-club, are you Siu-ying?
No! This's the correct one
Guess what it is!
Diamond Ace
$10 million US? Don't dream of it
We can cheat those fishermen only
But the desperadoes? You'll be in deep shit!
Don't you think I want that 10 millions?
I want that deposit only
It'll take a long time for us to cheat a million!
My brother needs much money to get cured
I take this risk, and run away after getting the money
We'll live better if we get the money
Well, take care yourself then
Do you have any money?
I've to dress up
Lend me some please
Take the vegetables in
I've found a job,
you'll be cured soon
Are you happy?
Happy! I'll be happier if you show me magics
Another one
Here's another one
Wait for me
She comes here for haircut,
she makes us look cheap too!
Mr in-charge, is it my turn?
I'm the manager here, not in-charge!
Hello! Make a booking next time!
Here is not People's hospital! Don't come as you wish
Come on... please have my haircut! I'm in a hurry
You'd go to "emergency"
Why you're here?
Help me please! I'm in a hurry
I think she is more urgent than you!
She come from Guongzhou
Well, you'll be next
Why she's served first?
She did make a booking, is it right, Fanny?
2 o'clock, it's the right time
Bribery! I'll sue you
I tell you, don't be so furious!
Before 1997, we're in-charge
What're you looking?
Shut up!
Men'd not disturb women's conversation! Sit!
You can go
I'll chat with you later!
You wait here, I'll go to the toilet
What hair style do you want?
I want one with powerful look!
I'm in a hurry, be quick!
It's not only you in a hurry! Where are you going?
Robbery! Freeze...
Kneel down! Freeze...
Take out the wallets! Don't move
I'll kill
Don't move!
Don't move!
How dare you rob the sister of the Saint of Gambling?
She comes from Mainland too
I don't care who she is!
You've so little money! Any HK currency? Take it out!
Don't take away my jade
Stop! I'll shoot you death
Tony, stop, release her
Bee, don't get mad!
Fatty, don't get mad!
We've said we came to rob the rich only
But not robbing the poor!
Release her!
Before we came, we've said
How many to come, how many to go back
Fatty, you've promised me to take me to Club Volvo
But why you only take me to Yau Mai Tei for Karaoke?
What're you talking?
Are you robbing? Hurry up please!
Tony, rob the rich OK?
Comrade, take it back
You rob the rich for the poor, I'm proud to you
Take this as travelling expenses
Any left? Take it out!
There is a ring inside her mouth
Bitch! What? False teeth?
I've none...
Kidding? Any left?
Yes! Inside the pocket
What is it?
How dare you cheat me?
No. I've none
Just so little
Where is it?
No... I've nothing!
Don't I've given all!
The whole body!
Whole body?
See you later! Come to Guongzhou if you're free
I live in No 1, Sun Wing St, I'm Bee
Thanks your jade
You still miss Bee?
I'll take you to Sun Kwong Ming for haircut, come on
I want to eat jelly!
Master, I'm impatient! You've come for so many days
You just playing chess with me, what's that mean?
Be patient! The theory of special power
is to use the greatest power of the universe
in the shortest time
If you put an iron cube beside the magnet
The iron will absorb slowly from the magnet
At last, it becomes a magnet!
You are the iron!
I'm the magnet
When you absorb enough energy from me
I'll teach you the card rubbing method
Check! You lose
13th, Black Friday!
Brother Tat
Cut your beard OK? You look strange!
It comes out quick! I've cut 4 times today!
Who is calling?
You want to speak to San? He is not in!
My prediction is correct!
Tell Taiwan Chung that I'm not here
He knows it's you, he called you to answer
You're really smart!
You guess correctly!
I just play with you only!
I'm well prepared, you'll chop me, right?
Don't worry!
I've found Queen of Gambling to substitute Shing
Great, she's great!
What are you looking?
A book teaching special power!
You don't teach me
but I can learn from it
My uncle is kind-hearted actually
He knows I can't afford it, so he buys them to me!
I think it's a kind of tempt!
You big mouth!
What are you doing in Queen's room?
Why you're here?
Is she your relative?
You can say so
Get in...
It's too kind of you! Eat first!
It's politeness!
I want to contemplate
Eat first...
Stop! You two are learners of special power
See how classic she is!
You know special power?
A little bit!
How long have you learnt?
Just few years?
You're junior only
How long have you learnt?
Since birth! When I was born,
I saw the white light,
with a loud voice, I've known it!
White light? Is it the operation light?
What grade are you now?
The top grade!
That means you don't need eating!
No eating?
Yeah My master said the top grader
needs no eating
Top grader!
So, this bowl of rice,
I only smell it!
Will you easily die of hunger?
No, she won't! She eats "Tienshan Snowy Lotus"
Yeah..."Tienshan Snowy Lotus"
Can I have a look? You'd bring along with you
Or what else do you eat?
Yeah, I've it
You want to see it? OK
Where can I get Tienshan Snowy Lotus?
It's beautiful!
This is the stem of Snowy Lotus
It smells fantastic!
Give me a bit to try
No! Eat now!
We'd dine after you
Is it delicious?
It's nutritious
Give me some OK?
You're disgusting!
Have your time!
Why do you eat so little?
Before practice, I'd not eat too much
A leaf is OK
Are you going to practice?
Yes don't disturb me when I am practising
I'm afraid that I'll make you hurt when releasing power
Dine now
Be careful! Your Majesty
My master said the top grader could swallow the clouds
and take the things through the air, show us OK?
Why your master told you so many things?
How can you show such skill so easily?
Get rest earlier, your Majesty I'll show you to the boss tomorrow
What for?
I feel hot!
It must be the power of Snowy Lotus
I feel high!
She is practising
I'll go peeping
Don't, don't peep her while she's practising!
What have you seen?
Smoke comes out from her body!
Let me have a look!
She is swallowing the cloud!
She can fetch the thing through the air, get lost!
Top grader!
What is it?
Fire on her body! Fire!
Thousands of Buddha Greeting!
Extinguish it!
Help extinguishing the fire!
You're hurt, your Majesty!
Fire released from special power should not be extinguished by water
She'd extinguish it herself, or she'll get hurt
Expert! Where is the toilet?
Go ahead & turn left
Great! She's really great!
Are you Queen of Gambling?
Why do you stare at the beef?
Here is a million deposit!
Before you take it, I'll tell you one thing
I've killed many people
who dared to cheat this sum of money
Yesterday, the Fairy of Gambling came to me
But I told him the Queen would come to me too
I want you 2 play before me
to check who is gifted!
If I find out who dares to cheat me
I'll kill him at once
What? To play once? Shit!
No problem We'll defect him!
Sure! I'll go to piss first
Are you scared?
I want to check the money first Be safe!
Your Majesty, are you ready?
Your Majesty!
You bitch, where do you want to go?
I'd leave! I tell you honestly!
I'm a card-sharper only!
I cheat in the fish mongery
Are you kidding? Why don't you tell me earlier?
If you leave, what'd I do then?
Let's run away now
Master is waiting you two, that way please
What a nice place!
You want to play with me?
Master Chung, I think we'd delay this game
Take the deposit back
I'm not feeling well, I'd go to the doctor
Why don't you feel sick before the coming of the Queen of Gambling?
You dare to take me a million
If you are cheating me, I'll kill you Sit down!
Let me introduce, she is the Queen of Gambling
He is the Fairy of Gambling, let's start now!
Stop! I won't play with him, he is not qualified
Bitch, what're you talking?
How can you talk to me like this?
Don't fight
Then who is going to play with him?
You will do it
No... I can't!
If you lose, we still have a chance
If I lose, we'll die at once!
Don't be like this, go ahead
I'll release power from your back, go!
Stop talking, sit!
You're troublesome!
Why you tremble?
I used to tremble before I release my power
What're you doing, Tat?
Her power is released on me
Yeah, it reaches the target!
Well, since you're long waiting, let's start it
Any smaller?
A bit bigger
A bit bigger again!
Is it a little bit bigger again?
Here it is!
I'd be grateful if here comes a straight!
Your power is getting greater & greater!
I think so
You're flattering me!
Spade six, it's a small straight only
I've got an ace, I'll win by a bigger straight!
You know card rubbing?
What's it?
Top grade, top grade...
Have you finished?
I'll be OK soon
2, 3, 4, 5, 6?
Why there is a six?
Thanks anyway!
Straight flush?
Are you OK?
Come again?
A straight flush?
What a joke?
Don't waste time, show us
Hurry up!
Straight flush!
Me too,
but a bit bigger than yours
Oh, my job is finished!
It's me to release power behind him
He treats! The ace is mine
Damn you! What are you holding? You card-sharper
Kill him now
I dare not...
Cheat before me?
I want to play with you!
Let's forget it...
I'd cheat once more!
Shing knows card rubbing What do you know?
She's humble
I don't know rubbing and can't see through the cards
I know winning only!
Well, I'll see how you win!
I want to contemplate
No need to deal, you lose, let's go
Stop. How can you say me losing?
I've got an ace
You'd trust the Queen of Gambling! Deal now, lets' go
Continuous dealing, go on
You did win this game?
I don't know either, let's go, quickly
What's the matter?
You're great!
You know you've won by seeing one card only
Did you make it?
I'm scared!
What're you doing?
Are you OK?
Why do you sit on the floor?
I'm exhausted!
Send them home now
I rely on you 2
in the coming competition
I'll try my best!
You're no use! You're foolish dog!
She'll be OK if she eats some rice
Rice only, any barbecue pork?
I'll give you poison! You've put me in deep shit
I don't want to! I'll give the money back
Pay back your life!
There's no way to change!
I'm dying now!
don't tell others that you've no special power!
Just between you & me
You can't eat if you don't clear the mess
The natural volcanic rock of Achiland
Is perfect to clean & care your skin
It'll make your skin smooth
& look fresh...
Are you hungry?
I've eaten Snowy Lotus I can stopped eating for a week
How to cheat her noodle?
I'll use cement as volcanic rock
Volcanic rock!
As you are my friend
Special power can do nothing to perfect our skin, want a try?
You'll look different once you've used it
Sure, come over here
Lock the door
Close your eyes, wait 10 minutes
After is dries, we can...
Don't think of eating...
You can't eat so much if you want to be superior!
Yours special power
is not as good as mine
You mean I'm cheating?
If we treat it as magic, that's good!
Well, let's guess the card, I'll show you something
If I win,
I will throw away your noodle as punishment
How about you guess it by luck?
Sure, so I'll guess three times
I won't make it three times by luck!
Let's make it a deal
Let me put the mud on your face first
Close your eyes, tightly! Don't look!
Well I'll put the mud on your face, remove it later
Then you'll be very beautiful!
Why it is cool? What's it?
Cause the mud is not dried, forget it
OK, let's start now
Are you OK, be frank!
Shut up!
What's it?
Heart 2
You're so calm!
Spade King
Why is it?
It's just the same
The regulations are not the same
You're affecting me
Of course, take it back please
Why are you so impolite?
Why don't you guess now?
How can I guess if you don't face me?
Do you know your nose is dirty?
Low down
Were you a sailor before?
You're troublesome
I can guess it soon
Damn, 6 or 7
Guess it
Don't urge me, or I'll quit
OK, I'll guess again
Are you guessing?
6 may be
6 or 7?
You are counted as losing if you quit
This is...
If you do this again...
You lose! I'll throw it away
Have you seen my cement?
Oh her face
Why you did it?
I feel better after eating the noodle
Regret now
Special power!
You foolish dog again!
Mei, uncle wants to talk to you
Go as fast as you can!
Hello, "Miss Queen of Gambling"
Miss "Queen of Gambling"
What're you doing?
Welcome! I feel that you'd come!
So, I come out to welcome you even shoeless
Let's go in
Mei... anyway, you help me please
I can't!
Uncle San
I want an Apollo magic... cock
"Magic cup" right?
I won't let you eat the ice-cream
if you don't promise me
"Uncle San"
The one who is shoeless is
The representative of Taiwan The Queen of Gambling
You'd help me this time
The Queen of Gambling has an extraordinary skill
She can determine lose or gain by one card
Now, I'd like her to demonstrate it
Everyone can do it actually
Guess which side will win?
Just say it
You're demonstrator, you must say it
Me again?
Hurry up!
I'll surely win, what's the fun then? You say it
No photo! Say it now...
Say it... stand well...
Which side are you standing?
Say it, bet now
Flush here! As I think, the side with more people wins
Do you know why? I'll explain to you
My skill needs concentration
You'd release your special power which is deep inside your body
Cause more people stand here, they're more concentrated
Well, the demonstration is over now
Why it's over?
Of course not! In order to let you understand more
I'll teach you a gesture
to concentrate
See it?
Like Japanese superman!
The Japanese copied from me
Stop breathing and do this gesture
You can win as I do
Shit! Deal now!
Boss, the side with less people wins
Although more people stand here
I know this side'd win
Do you know why?
Because you're proud!
You think you'll win, thus you lose
But the 3 here, they've strong mind!
They wish to win, thus they won!
Other than concentration, your will is very important too
You'll win any battles together
with these 2 techniques
Good explanation! I'm satisfied!
Is she really powerful?
Don't talk to me
like that!
Fall down!
Fall down!
See! If you be big mouth again
You'll be the next one to fall!
Go now
What's she doing?
She'll be exhausted after each release
I've seen it before, let's go
I've asked people to protect your family Don't worry!
You'd better seek help from Mei, she knows special power
Don't shut, I'll be exhausted
What're you doing?
I beg you, you must help me this time
Or I'll be chopped by Taiwan Chung!
Mei, please...
Please save me too...
Uncle S...
Me too...
Promise us please! Or we won't get up
You won't get up?
Are you so sure?
Why are kneeling here?
None of your damn business!
Towel please
It's Black Jack!
Towel, sir
Towel, sir, miss
I want it!
Do you want some tea?
Good service here!
Sure best service of us!
Call me if you need!
Are you leaving? Thanks for coming
Uncle San? How can you do this to me!
I'm flattered!
I'm forced to do so, let me tell you...
Are you the sister of Shing?
What's up?
How can you treat San in this way?
You'd better get lost!
Do you know who I am?
My nose!
Why do you point at your nose!
I don't want to! It's glued!
Why do you play my husband?
His hand & nose is glued together!
In this way! Shit!
Sorry I can't help, we leave now...
It's lucky that they didn't point it low
Crazy! Everyone points at the nose when asking!
Would you point at this and ask, "Do you know who I am?"
Crazy! Where's the sweet soup?
It's ready! Inside the kitchen
No one can defeat the Queen of Gambling, so I win!
She seems great! What shall we do?
Kill her
Yes, I'll do it tonight
Mei, have the dessert now
I beg you,
give some special power to Yau Hei
To give her special power is to harm her, I won't do it!
Taiwan Chung said if no one's better than Shing
He wouldn't let him go!
You always use special power for money!
You used Shing before and now you try to use me?
I won't do it
Sister Mei...
You're all bastard! You all want to use me!
Sister Mei...
I can eat them alone!
Let's chat, sister Mei!
Sister Mei...
What do you want?
Just take me as your follower!
Don't cry! I won't pity on you
Mei, it's dirty, put it on first
I tell you, my special power
Won't help you cheating money!
What's the use for a woman to get so much money
I do it for my brother only, he's nephralgia
That's why I'd risk my life for the money
You do for brother too?
If you can help me, my brother can be cured
If I win
Your brother can be freed from Chung!
How about yourself?
I'd not think too much for I'm the biggest in the family
Why don't you leave?
Where should I go then?
I come for you
Robbery! Help! Robbery!
No... not robbery! Shut up!
I'll chop you if you shout again!
You bitchy!
You won't shut up not by seeing the knife!
Shout when safe!
What are you looking me for?
I've thought it clearly that, robbery don't suit me
I want to give the jade back before going back to China
How do you know my address?
The bald said you were sister of Saint of Gambling
So I came to this club
Shut up!
I've something to tell you
This is the 1 st time I talked to a lady
I come for...
I want...
To borrow money from you I've run out of money
I've not robbed for a long time!
Why do you have a red face?
I'll turn red if others borrow money from me
Sorry! Just forget it
Go now!
Why don't you tell him that you fall for him?
I'm a girl!
For your perfect life, even a girl'd show her affection
I don't know how to tell
Maybe I tell him for you
But remember you owe me a favour
Don't look at her in this way She's a girl
Don't look so fierce OK?
Smile please
Actually you don't have to ask her to tell me
You can tell me yourself, I'll be happier
I've never told a boy that I fell for him
I don't know how to express myself, so she helped me...
She didn't say you like me
She said you'd lend me money
I just promise to tell, so I did my job
It's good anyway
My uncle is waiting for me, I leave now
My no. Is 3804816, call me
She doesn't take my favor, so I've to beg again!
Stop playing!
Give me the cigarette
What're you doing?
Tea is coming, call me anytime
What's up?
Are you kidding? The guys stole my fire crackers!
No, the fire crackers are all here
Go! Someone is killed, go that way!
They're returning!
Where is the Queen of Gambling?
Where is she, call her out!
Where is she?
Someone is robbing, 2 were killed
Shit! Take the weapons
Go now! Go down!
Kidnap a hostage!
Hide first! Hurry up!
Come out, you Queen of Gambling!
Don't move!
Don't move! Fire!
Drop the guns,
throw them out of the window
Drop it!
Kidding? Why do you ask them to throw the guns out?
Throw it to me!
Stupid! It's a stick only
Go & eat shit!
I'll bite you
You're great!
Don't beat me! I'm old!
Come over here first!
Continue beating, I'll add up your salary!
Boss, I know it
It's so high!
Kidding? How can I?
I'll drop you down
Then who is going to be dropped by me?
Drop me first!
Drop you first!
I can be a martial art performer
Jump, quick
Is that OK?
Of course OK, it's so low! See!
My hands, my legs, OK!
But I'm old!
I'll drop you down, hurry up!
Are you OK?
You've said that it'd be OK, you bastard!
Where is she, speak up
Where is she...
Help, Mei!
I'm coming!
Be patient! Don't panic
Any noodle eaten? Have one more OK?
The Super fists of Saint of Gambling!
I'll do it!
Don't come over! I'll kill!
Step aside, see mine!
See mine!
Don't come over! Don't come over!
Try my special power
My changing power
Go away!
Yau Hei!
Don't panic! I'll save you by special power
No, I prefer you saving my brother
No, we'll save our brothers together
Are you OK?
Yeah, OK!
Do you know you're vomitting fish?
Of course! I've swallowed many fishes in
So I vomit only the fish but not stick! The fish comes again
Are you OK?
You have blood vomitted
Are you beaten by others?
No, I beat myself only!
From now on, I'll teach you primary special power!
Named "Divyacaksus"!
Guess, what's it?
Is it heart 4?
It's a "J"
You've taken
much of my power
Now I'd like to open your mysterious 8 sinus
So that more power can be stored
in your body
I'm wrong, let's try it again
Basic law in special power, you've learnt
You're a good teacher
You'd open your mysterious sinus if you want it better
I don't know it at all!
So I've to open it for you,
thus you can release the power yourself
Which finger do you use to clean your nose?
This one, why?
It's the fittest one
I'm opening the "Hop Kuk", "Kuk Chi",
"Chung Fu", "Tai Tsui"
"Sun Ting"...sinus
I'm afraid of that
Why? See, it's fixed
Get up! I've told you it's painless
You put this in my face too?
Have you finished?
One more
One more?
It's quick!
This is the one!
Where to put?
"Pak Hop" sinus
Here? Are you kidding?
You put it in my nose, maybe nasal mucus come out
If you put here, my life will be over!
No way!
So not everyone can do it
Only the one with good experience can do it, like me
Hey, what're you doing?
Where is the pin?
Inside your head!
In my head?
Get up! Get up!
It's OK!
OK? There is a pin inside my head
I've opened the sinus of your baby
Now, I teach you "San Choi" finger gesture
What's it?
It'll help you to collect the special energy of the world
So that you can use your special power
You can only use it once
Hey, wait
Are you experienced? Any accident happened
I've done many times in the research centre
But I used to pin the pigs before, you're the 1 st human I test
The semi-final is in eliminated basis
32 Kings of Gambling compete at AM & PM
The winners of the last 2 groups will compete tomorrow
Each defeated Kings of Gambling
Should donate his casino which business is the best among all
That means the winner'll gain 32 casinos
You've encountered the Saint of Gambling,
how about the Queen
I won't care who she is
I must win this time
You're not Hung Kwong, you...
Mr Chan, should a gambler retire,
it's not decided by himself
It's decided by his enemy
But one can't face the failure
If he loses all the faith...
Then it's not possible for him to
refuse retirement
you can come again if you've lost once or twice
To defeat your enemy! It's a must for a King of Gambling
This is the best chance for me to prove it
Take out your casino
Sister Mei
Am I beautiful?
You'd take care of me!
Don't worry, be calm!
The competition is started
The cards come next are useless, he's got a flush!
It's not wise to continue
Your turn, Ace
I drop!
Why don't you pass? Nonsense!
It's our tactics!
Drop again, you win!
Why don't you pass? Crazy?
Tactics... you must trust her
What is it? She's got a pair of king!
Go on, stop your murmur!
Do you thinks she'll drop or not
It's not strange for her to drop
I win this time again!
No, it's my turn
Show hand!
Show hand?
Drop or not, or next round!
Of course I won't!
Why don't you drop?
Four 10s
Straight flush! I've told you I'd win this time
This must be a record of us
She wins all the money within 3 rounds
Queen of Gambling, she's great!
Why it happened?
There must be someone using the special power,
thus ours were disturbed
I don't know who is the guy using such power
But according to the direction
The guy must be related to the Queen of Gambling
Maybe a help sought by her
What? Don't you scare my special power?
Get up!
Speak up! Who pays you here?
No, I buy the ticket myself
From the ticket scalper
You don't seem to be the one who's just used the special power
You're a man of the world! Let me go
Or my master knows it,
she won't let you go
You've a master! That's good
Send her my words
Tell her that Yim Chun'd like to see her, tell her to see me at once
Got it?
No matter how,
I won't tell where she is!
I'll go & find her out!
Hey please take away my pump!
The Queen of Gambling becomes the hot topic now
Where's Mei gone?
Would she add pressure to her enemy then
Her enemy this time is Tairo Susuki, representative from Japan
He is weak since born!
So he is called the weakest King of Gambling of S. E. Asia
I've to scare him first!
I win it!
How can you win by a three? I don't believe
What's the matter?
You pass?
Yeah! Can I?
He doesn't trust the Queen, he'll lose all then
What a great pressure! I quit!
I'm lucky that my name saved me! I win again by luck!
Sister Mei
Someone wants to see you
It's Yim!
Who is he?
Yim Chun, the chief consultant of special power in the Dept of States
He is the only one to know "Ting Sum Charm"
May I seek help from the Political Dept
To have a look of this?
You 2 have met?
No wonder I couldn't see him on TV
Stop it, please take it out for me
Hung Kwong, HK representative wins
What've you found, Mei?
A powerful person is here
Are you OK, sister Mei?
He is Yim Chun
How are you, brother-in-law?
I come here for money
I'll kill anyone
who wants to block my way
I'll kill him!
Deva indriya?
I've guessed that I've deva indriya!
But I've never dreamt that it's so powerful
Are you scared?
What's wrong? How can you let him go?
My hand is broken!
You can't let him go even your hand broken
He is a disaster!
Well, I'll try my best to catch him back!
Hung Kwong, the representative of HK can join the final now
If the Queen of Gambling defects the USSR representative
Nick-named Cool-faced Condor, Mr Bossiov, she can join final
Beat Bossiov the Queen of Cunning is great!
No, she is queen of Gambling!
I win this time!
No, I win! Deal it now
What a cool-blooded!
He is really cool
King full house
I don't know what his cards are
Mei is not here, well, let's try
Why's she rubbing the cards?
Card rubbing?
Straight flush!
She wins eventually!
Why Bossiov has no reaction?
He is cool! Shit, he's dead
Stop the game now, he died...
Mr Hung, the enemy is being hurt by me
Another one can't threaten you at all
So you can take your championship with ease
Think it over, Mei...
I've half power left...
I can't give her special power
How about your deva indriya?
Stop dreaming! I'm seriously hurt!
What's the use of my deva indriya?
Maybe I use the "San Choi" again
No you bleed today
because you can't accept such great power
Unless Shing is here
Only his power can restrain Yim Chun
Where the hell the bastard is? How can I get him?
That's it
One method is left
Find something Ah Shing touched when he was releasing his power
That may be helping
When he releases his power, the things he touches
May absorb part of his energy
If we can find this
Add with my remained power,
we can encounter Yim
Are there anything as said? Underwear or something?
How can I remember what he wore?
He didn't wear it sometimes
Hold it!
Mei, is it anything touched by him would do?
The chair he sat?
I asked you to arrest Shing
But you dare to join them to gamble
Don't you treat me as master anymore?
Speak up
Master How many times should I tell you?
Actually I want to release Shing by helping the Queen
Also, I can defeat Yim Chun
Your job is to arrest Shing
There'll be somebody to deal with Yim's case
You needn't take this job
There is a document asking me
to take you back for punishment
Are that so serious?
You don't trust me, take it & have a look
Look yourself
1991 A.D. Central Confidential document no. 5354
Attn: Comrade Wu Fung Ho, Deputy Chief of special power society
Why don't you open it?
I've special power! I can see it this way
Why'd I take it out by special power then?
Is it necessary?
I think you're going to show off!
I'll take you back tomorrow
Shut up! You're disturbing
I can't find her at all
Me too!
Are you sure?
What'll we do then?
Here comes Mr Hung
A photo please, Mr Hung
It's strange that Mr Hung is getting more & more healthy
He needs no stick now
Don't worry! They are looking the chair sat by Shing!
Our Taiwan Representative seems a little bit tired
Go ahead
Are you OK?
Am I beautiful?
My God...
If Taiwan Chung chops me,
don't let him chop my face
Here it is
It's the one!
I've got it!
What a hard job! I've made it!
We can't take all these chairs away
Get up
Wash your face, we're leaving for Beijing
It's you!
How are you?
I've got a message that you're locked here
So I come here with my brothers
The fat-headed guy just asked me to come in,
so I knocked him down
Leave first, I'll settle it!
You've done a good job this time
But not next time
Hey stop!
I want to tell you something secret
How's it?
Delay... delay...
Time's up, I now declare...
You're in bad luck this time, the pain I suffered last time
Would happen on you now
Never mind, I can stand it
Thanks a lot
Well, I now declare...
What's up?
It's tactics...
Mr Hung!
Let's shake the other hands
I'd like to ask you something
How's your mom?
What're you doing?
Please get to your seat at once
Have you dined?
Well, let me treat you, go dinning now
I don't want to gamble
You'd get back to your seat
What're you doing?
Don't touch me, I'm not feeling well
I'd walk like this, if I fall down
My head'll hurt and I can't gamble then!
Who'll play with me then?
You idiot!
Walk carefully then, be careful
What're you doing?
What else come next?
It's safe for us to cut one piece from each chair & make a new one
Hurry up! They're waiting
OK! Let's go
Hurry up!
Hey, open the door!
The door is locked!
Be careful!
Sorry Mr Hung
Shut up, let's start
Yeah, start now...
Miss, come back!
Come back!
What yours idea about the horse-race tonight?
How is it?
He is coming for you
You'd go back at once for gambling
Where are you going? Stop!
Sit down!
Stop! Sit down & start gambling!
No, I wanna go home!
Back to your seat
Sit down!
Stop playing, I'll disqualify you
Be smart!
You talk like a triad member!
Police, are there police...
I'm now disquali...
Sorry, I'll be serious now
Your part please
Your call, Mr Hung
I've experienced it many times
This is your turn
Show hand
Are you crazy? The limit for the 1 st round is $100,000
No show hand!
Why not? Do you know the regulations?
Of course I do! You think my boss an idiot?
There's no reason to show hand during the 1 st round
Why not?
What's on? Why don't you help me?
You fat-headed!
Let me think it over!
She insulted me!
No, she doesn't mean it!
How long do you want to think over?
You're so cocky to show hand, well, I...
I'll think it over!
You've thought quite a long time
We can't wait!
If you don't make a decision within 5 seconds
I'll disqualify you
Damn! Why haven't they come back?
2, 3, 4...
Well, I want...
What do you want?
To scratch my ass
Woo, they are coming!
Hands off!
What're you doing?
The Taiwan representative's got hemorrhoidectomy
She's to sit on this special madeds chair
I've it, everyone gets that pain!
Yeah, I've got hemorrhoidectomy
Hurry up!
What a broken chair!
I now declare...
No changing of chair
I think she doesn't respect the competition
If hemorrhoidectomy can be an excuse of changing chair
I can take a bed here
for I've got a pain in waist
Yeah, it's right, move it away!
Take it away!
No, please be soft OK?
I've got great pain!
I won't care, move it!
Why, tell me why?
I've to sit on it, please!
Let them go!
Sister Mei
But I can sit on it! Move it here
Where have you been?
I've just illegal immigrated here
Go ahead, show hand
You'll be in deep shit!
Deal now
I want you to lose in admiration!
K Q J 10!
If you get 5 nines, that means...
I can win this game by getting a spade aces
Hurry up!
Which part is sat by Shing?
Please, a spade ace!
Is it the one?
Don't give him a spade ace!
Hurry up...
Is it OK? We'll be in deep shit if he gets an ace
It'll be OK!
Is it the one?
Why there in a banana?
Just inside the chair
Are you OK?
I'm now helping you but not the Queen of Gambling
Don't let that betrayer succeed! Release your power now
I'll fight with you!
Ladies & gentlemen, straight flush!
I can't see it clearly
Please take away your hand
I think you two won't show your cards right now
Rub more!
Are you OK, madam?
I'll show up if he is OK!
Mr Hung, please...
One moment!
Stop, master, he can't stand it
How dare you fight with me?
Can he make it?
Ladies & gentlemen, straight flush!
Open now
Ladies & gentlemen...
Sorry, I lose
What a King of Gambling!
Congratulation... I appreciate so much!
You did a good job in cheating!
Fantastic! Excellent!
Why do you claim me cheating? Proofs!
What's this? Here's another one
Here's one too, is that cheating?
You want to frame me!
There are so many aces in your pocket
Is that cheating?
I need to cheating, I can get any card I wish
You think yourself God?
Let's watch
I want any card as I wish, see?
See, he is cheating!
He is cheating!
Listen, let me explained it
Damn you!
You cheat in front of us, see!
I can't help you this time!
The winner is Queen of Gambling!
I'll kill you!
The Queen is great!
Sister Mei, I've got it!
You're the only Queen of Gambling in the world Congratulation
Go to hell!
How dare you!
Mei is nearly killed because of him
I don't know how to thank you at all
It's you to get the championship!
You prove one thing
People who have psychic power
does not mean that they win every time
You can't get in
Who says that?
I'm gamble master
It sounds like Shing
Please me go, I'm in hurry
What are you doing?
My sister, you are here, too
Good, take out the money now
Let's buy the ticket and go back to our village
Be quick