[Eng Sub CC] SS501 Interview on Taiwan's KKBOX

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We are thankful that Taiwan's fans like us so much
This is our first time coming to Taiwan
We are grateful for everyone's continuous love for us
We have always been anxious to meet everyone
This time we will have a fan meeting and share happy moments with everyone
We'll work hard to provide even better music for everyone
The happiest moments are...
When we received awards from each TV station after all the hard work we put in
That are the most touching moments
Most hard working moments are...
I don't know~ maybe it's nowadays!
Many times I feel it's the current day
The most hardworking moment is each day after waking up
Because the amount of fans is increasing everyday
So there are more worries and bigger pressure
This is our opinion
Leader! So Hardworking (Pat Pat)
The happiest moments are...
When we first debut
[HJL & JM: Flirtatious glancing each other] Performing on stage for the first time
[HJL & JM: Flirtatious glancing each other]
[Stop chatting]
Most hardworking moments?
The hardworking times are during music production
We need to consider how to display each individual's distinction through music
So album productions are the most hardworking and pressure times
There are times when I'm SERIOUS ok!!
Because my dream is to become a singer
I'm happiest when we received the new artist awards and topped the chart after our debut
Moreover, when we are abroad like in Taiwan and other countries
Seeing lots of fans cheer for us makes me really happy
Hardworking part...
Because we are a dance group
So every time before releasing an album, we need to learn a more advance choreography
And put in effort to practice
At that moment, I'll realize dancing becomes more difficult as I grow older
But I'll still do my best
Do you think the captions are in the way? Lets watch it on replay again
[HJB & HJL sneakily started chatting]
[Chatted then started playing with their hands!!]
["Snatch-Spotlight" Two Men Group]
[Jung Min also joined the "snatch-spotlight" group] [HJB & HJL couldn't stop playing]
[(HJL) Finally remember he is the Leader]
[Editors OS: Don't cry KJ! We were listening to you!]
After achieving the dream of becoming a singer
When I walk on the street
And people recognize me
KJ: Ah!! Is Young Saeng!
At that moment, I feel like my dream has been achieved
People recognize me
That will make me feel happy
On the other hand
Because too many people recognize me
So when I lose the freedom
Then it's a little tiring/hardworking
Finally, no incident stole my spotlight this time! (Sob)
Because I'm always very happy
So every moment is my happiest moments
And my belief in life is always be grateful
So I always feel content
HJB: What is he saying?
I feel I have to work the hardest when I talk like this
And someone says pointless things on the side
At times like this, I feel tired and heartbroken
[Kim Hyung Jun! I'm talking about you!]
[I'm just joking!]
[You guys bully me around usually! (Cry)]
[Life is full of colors without Hyung Jun]
KKBOX Fan Question: For Kim Hyun Joong
If Hyung Jun is a toy, how would you use it?
I would order him to wash cloth and to clean
I don't think of him as a toy
But more as a servant!
[HJB Cleaning seriously]
[I'm still very handsome even if I'm a servant!]
If I am Yun Ji Hoo
KJ: Gu Jun Pyo
The character Gu Jun Pyo...
Jung Min is more suitable for Gu Jun Pyo
Young Saeng is suitable for So Yi Jung's character
[HJL: What?!]
[HJL: Could it be possible that you want to act as Geum Jan Di?]
KJ: Song Woo Bin
As for Song Woo Bin...
Kyu Jong can portray that character
Then it's Hyung Jun...
Which character is suitable for him?
In the first episode...
The person that got splashed with Tomato juice
Lets have Hyung Jun act it out now
[Act out a little bit!]
[Stop fooling me around!]