The Boondock Saints | Steelbook | Unrated Special Edition | USA

Uploaded by SpecialCollector89 on 10.04.2012

Hello and welcome!
today I show you The Boondock Saints Steelbook
from USA
and it is the Unrated Special Edition
at the front cover is the rosary
and it is slightly debossed
I hope you can see it
as you can see it has this used look
and some blood splatters here
it looks really cool
and the backcover looks like the frontcover
but without the titles etc.
ok let's open it
here's the rosary
it's from Steelbook
and here's the movie
it's a double side blank thingy...I hate those
and the special features disc
and it has a nice artwork
and this inside artwork is really cool!!
looks great
that's the complete view
great Steelbook
the backpaper is missing tho..
the Disc is Region A locked !
so you need a Region A or Free DVD Player
yeah that's basically it
for The Boondock Saints Steelbook
Awesome looking Steelbook
Suitable for film
I hope you liked it and see you next time ;) !!