Powerade : le face à face entre Teddy Riner et un jeune Judoka amateur

Uploaded by Powerade on 24.07.2012

Hey, it's Teddy. We're going to surprise a Judo amateur while he's training.
His name's Jeremy, so come on, follow me.
Jeremy, Jeremy...
Hi Jeremy, how are you?
I hope you're on form, because today I'm going to be your personal trainer.
One-on-one with Teddy Riner. Can you handle it?
You told me you want to work on your legs.
Raise your legs and rest them on me...
Now take my weight with your legs and push.
Do ten of these. Once you get the technique you'll have more strength, so it's easier to lift them.
Push harder. Think about your technique.
This is an exercise I really like. When you're ready...
This exercise allows you to move your legs faster and with more precision, and attack quicker.
I'm not happy, let's go again.
Powerade ION4 replaces the water and sodium lost when you sweat.
But not for you, you're using a kimono.
This is specific to Judo.
It will strengthen your grip so you don't let go.
Now you've trained like a pro, you can try fighting me. Ready?
It's like trying to move a block of concrete.
So that's it, the day's over, and Jeremy's finished his super training.
Thanks for watching...