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A group of remarkable Brazilians rises against
the march in progress toward authoritarism
led by the 'Workers Party' current government
and launches in public the
"Manifesto In Defense of Democracy"
Among these Brazilians are:
Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns, Cardinal of the Catholic Church
and Archbishop Emeritus of São Paulo
Hélio Bicudo, founding member of the Workers Party,
President of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS
Ferreira Gullar, greatest Brazilian poet alive.
Winner of Camões Prize of 2010
Miguel Reali Jr, former Minister of Justice,
Professor of Criminal Law at the Colege of Law, USP - Sao Paulo
José Carlos Dias, former Minister of justice,
former president and current adviser
to the "Justice and Peace Commission" of Sao Paulo
Henry Sobel, rabbi, former president of the rabbinate of
the "Congregação Israelita Paulista" (CIP)
In a democracy, there is no sovereignty of powers.
Sovereign is the Constitution
for it is the one that gives body and soul
to the sovereignty of the people.
Above politicians are the institutions,
pillars of the democratic regime.
Today, in Brazil,
those who do not accept the representative democracy
are organized in the government to undermine the democratic regime.
It is unbearable the evident usage of state departments and organs
as an extension of one specific political party,
a machine of violation and aggression against individual rights.
It is unacceptable that the militant party
has converted the direct administration bodies,
state companies and pension funds
in centers of production of cases against political opponents.
It is unfortunate that the President hides from the government that we see
the government that we don't see,
in which the relations of patronage and physiology,
if not shockingly familiar,
arbitrates the highest interests of the country,
refusing himself to any control of it.
It is inconceivable that one of the most important democracies in the world
be haunted by a hypocritical form of authoritarianism
which in the certainty of impunity,
does not even worry to feign honesty.
It's embarrassing that
the President of Brasil
does not understand
that his job must be carried out
in its fullness twenty-four hours a day.
There is no ''off work hours'' for a head of state.
It is also embarrassing
that he has no composure
to separate the man of the state
from the party man
putting himself to vilify
his political opponents
using unacceptable language,
incompatible with the decorum of the office,
a blatant abuse demonstration
of political power
and use of official machinery
in favor of his chosen successor candidate.
He does not see the ''other'' as an opponent
to be defeated under rules of democracy,
but an enemy that must be eliminated.
It is shameful that the government encourages
and finances the action of groups
that openly calls for restrictions on press freedom,
by proposing authoritarian mechanisms
of subjection of journalists and media companies
at the orders of a political party and its interests.
It is disgusting that this same official publicity machine
has been activated to rewrite history,
seeking to discredit the work of Brazilian men and women
who built the foundations of economical and political stability,
with the end of inflation,
the democratization of credit,
the expansion of telephony
and other changes that have brought
so many benefits to our people.
It is an insult to the Republic
that the state Legislative power is being treated
as a mere extension of the Executive power,
showing explicitly the intent to halter the Senate.
It is a mockery that the same President has
publicly regretted the fact of having to be
submitted to the decisions of the Judiciary power.
We must therefore
fight this regressive vision of the political process,
which assumes that
the power won at the polls or popularity of a leader,
gives him a permission to tear up the Constitution and laws.
We propose a strong mobilization
in favor of the preservation of the Constitution and laws
repudiating the action of those
who uses today subterfuges to undermine them.
We must brake this march toward authoritarianism.
The Brazilian people raise their voice
in defense of the Constitution,
institutions and legality.
We do not need sovereigns with paternal pretensions,
but of truthful Democrats.
On October 31st, 2010,
we, freeborn Brazilians,
will have the power
to give the Power (to someone)
Or take it.
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