The WV Presents "The Telltale Lilac Bush" Webisode #4 - THE LEGEND OF BOILING SPRINGS

Uploaded by thewvnetwork on 06.11.2011

Out on an old dirt road about ten miles from Cairo, West Virginia, there once stood a
large health resort.
The resort, which was called "Boiling Springs" because of the natural warm springs that
were located there,
had fallen into disrepair just a few years after it had been one of the most popular resorts
in the region.
Many wondered why, and suspected it had fallen unto hard financial times,
but many others knew of another event that took place that could have been the
reason for its demise.
About two years before the resort closed,
a gentleman by the name of Garrison had stayed there for quite a while.
During that time, he fell in love with one of the women who worked at the resort, Miss Peters.
Miss Peters didn't care much for Mister Garrison, but she always treated him kindly,
even having dinner with him on more than one occasion.
One day, another man, Mister Martin, arrived at the resort,
and Miss Peters took a liking to him from the start.
She began spending more and more time with him, and began to ignore
Mister Garrison's advances.
The two fell in love almost instantly, and it wasn't long before Mister Martin
proposed marriage.
She finally told Mister Garrison about Mister Martin, and he got very angry and jealous
of Mister Martin.
A few days later, Mister Garrison approached Mister Martin in the bar where he was having brunch
with Miss Peters. Although Miss Peters tried as hard as she could to keep both men calm,
an argument broke out,
and then Mister Garrison punched Mister Martin in the nose.
The bartender threw both men outside, and the heated fight continued there. Punch after
punch, kick after kick, the men continued brawling for several minutes.
Neither one noticed how close they were coming to the edge the cliff that was in
front of the resort.
Suddenly Mister Martin threw a punch at Garrison,
and in doing so, both lost their balance and slipped over the edge into the gorge
where they both died instantly.
Miss Peters was so upset at the loss of her fiancee,
that she threw herself over the same cliff after hearing the news.
As all three bodies were so deep in the canyon below,
they were all buried in a shallow grave at the site where they fell.
Almost immediately, people lost interest in the resort until finally,
only a handful of people would come.
Within two years, the old hotel and resort were closed, the windows and doors boarded up,
and eventually it was completely forgotten out at the end of the long dirt road that led to it.
Today, nothing remains to tell that a resort ever existed there.
Even the Boiling Springs themselves have gone cold.