Sept 11th | Highlights | Festival 2012

Uploaded by tiff on 12.09.2012

Welcome to the world premiere of Mike Newell's Great Expectations
Here to say a few words beforehand is the director of Eagles, Dror Sabo.
I just want you to enjoy it and thank you for coming to see it.
Alright. -What do you want me to do?
We're gonna roll. -You're gonna show the movie?!
Listen, let me put this in. You're gonna enjoy this. I haven't seen it...
No no...but I'm serious.
I loved making it because I loved
talking, giving the devil his due - the bad things. But, also the fact
that we're all here celebrating somebody thats in the clink.
This is of course the 13th Annual Telefilm Canada Pitch This!
Hi! I'm an animated soft-breather
and I'm here to pitch my project, an animated feature-film
which I'm describing as The Fantastic Mr. Fox,meets The Road,
meets Lord of the Rings.
I think it's very difficult when you see an even-handed
Portrayal of yourself, that's sort of very very honest
So, I imagine that they're just still processing on that level.
Just, wow we lets these people in our lives for twelve months. Ah!
Of course.
Thanks for coming out!
I never in an hundred years did I ever think that my dream could materialze.
And, for that I would like thank the Toronto International Film Festival.