Resurrection Korean Drama Episode 15

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Episode 15: It's Too Late to Go Back
Donít be too hard on yourself.
If I were Haeun,
I wouldnít want you to.
Just like you always remember Haeun,
heís also looking at you from somewhere and taking care of you.
And he probably feels sorry that he left you alone. I really mean it.
Sometimes I think...
You probably have a harder time than I do.
I have memories of him that I can treasure and that helps me to live.
But you donít even have them so it must be hard for you.
Thanks for your concern.
Why didnít you answer your phone?
I didnít hear it.
Have you been drinking?
Youíve been drinking a lot these days.
Were you waiting for me?
What for?
I missed you. Do you have a problem with that?
Why didnít you tell me you were in the Royal Hotel at that time?
No reason to tell you.
Why not? Ganghyeok died on the same day you were there.
Ganghyeok went there because he found out you were his twin brother.
I really donít understand why he couldnít call you even there.
He was on the run.
He was a cop, a really good cop.
He could have avoided being seen by other cops.
He probably had some reason.
Like some other people other than cops?
Ganghyeokís murderer?
Could be.
If thatís true,
the murderer also knew that Ganghyeok had a twin brother.
Is that so?
In other words,
there was a reason the twins shouldnít have met.
There must be.
Itís not Sangcheol who murdered Ganghyeok.
Then who is it?
The one from 20 years ago.
Ganghyeok knew that Daeshikís case was related to the accident 20 years ago.
Then he found out that Geonha was his father and you were his twin brother.
Maybe he also found out who killed your father.
So he ended up being killed too.
Is that how it is?
So what are you going to do from now on?
I have to solve the riddle from 20 years ago.
I donít know which string I should pull to undo the knot of that riddle.
You have to be careful.
If you pull the wrong end of the string, you might tighten the knot even more.
Thank you for your advice.
Dongchan is following the woman who is with you now.
I see.
What are you so serious about?
Here we are.
What are you doing? Arenít you getting off?
Donít look at me like that.
Drive safely.
Do you have something to tell me?
Youíd better stop now.
What do you mean?
Stop doing the story youíre on now.
Why are you saying that?
It can be much more dangerous than you think.
Are you worried about me?
I kind of feel happy because you worry about me.
Quit it. I think thatís better.
Thank you but youíre worried for nothing.
Reporters cover suspicious things all the time. Itís nothing dangerous.
And my pride wonít allow me to give up in the middle of it.
Go on in.
Buy me an alarm clock.
Alarm clock?
Itís so hard for me to get up every morning and my alarm clock is broken.
Donít forget my birthday is coming soon, will you?
Is it?
What? Itís me you were thinking of marrying for a while.
Anyway, buy me an alarm clock so that I can think of you whenever I wake up.
All right?
If Gangju is seeing Shinhyeok, doesnít it mean he knows about Ganghyeok?
Thatís mere guesswork.
None of them have mentioned Ganghyeok so they probably know nothing.
That doesnít make sense.
Shinhyeok must have seen Ganghyeokís photo through Gangju.
Letís wait and see a little bit more.
Whatís wrong with you?
You should stop Gangju from what sheís doing. You can't just sit back and watch.
Itís not as simple as you think. No good excuse will make her quit.
What excuse do you need more than now?
Donít you think Shinhyeok met Ganghyeok before he died?
Shinhyeok was in Gangreung and Ganghyeok went there to see him.
But Dongchan assured me that never happened.
There could be something we donít know.
If Shinhyeok is really pretending not to know anything, as you said,
thereís a good chance he met Ganghyeok.
Mr. Yu Shinhyeok is here to see you.
You donít know where he went?
No. He just told me he had an appointment.
I see.
If thereís anything urgent, Iíll call him for you.
Nothing urgent. I just wanted to have lunch with him.
I see.
Mr. Ahn, I have something to ask you.
Mr. Jeong, youíre here too.
I just dropped by.
Whatís up? You didnít even call in advance.
I have something urgent to discuss with you.
Iíd better go then.
You donít have to. I was going to call you anyway.
What do you mean?
I think he changed a lot since he went on holiday last time.
He seems to be having a hard time.
Thatís why I'm asking if something happened while he was in Gangreung.
Donít get too serious.
I'm asking you as I'm worrying about him as a father.
You think something happened, right?
No, I donít.
You donít have to hide anything from me.
Thereís nothing to hide. He just said he wanted to have a rest.
Did he?
Yes, sir.
I see.
Tell us what you want to say.
My twin brother who I thought died 20 years ago was alive.
What do you mean? Ganghyeok was alive?
I found out recently.
How did you find out?
Gangju told me.
Then itís something you should celebrate, isnít it?
Yes, if he were still alive.
What do you mean?
He was murdered.
He was set up as a crooked cop and murdered cruelly.
Haeun never met Shinhyeok.
Shinhyeok was in a meeting at that time and my people were watching him.
I havenít told either of my parents about Ganghyeok yet.
I want to tell them when heís proven innocent.
I understand that, but itís not easy to clear someone of a false charge.
You canít just keep it a secret forever.
I think heís right.
Even police find it difficult to solve such things.
And itís even harder for you or Gangju to prove his innocence.
I know.
Thatís why I came here to see you, Taejun.
I need your help.
My help?
You know some people in the police world so ask them to reinvestigate
Ganghyeokís case.
Iíll find out what exactly what happened to him first.
And please persuade Gangju to back off the story.
Seeing the frame up and murder of Ganghyeok the one who did all this is
very cruel and will stop at nothing to accomplish his purpose.
If Gangju doesnít stop, I'm afraid that she will be in danger.
I see. Iíll talk to her about that.
And I really want you to keep this a secret for a while.
I will.
Thank you.
Which camera man can I go with?
We donít have much time left.
Okay. Then see you on location. Hurry.
Lee Gangju speaking.
Daeshik and Mancheol were previously convicted at similar times.
When was that?
It was for assault and battery and manslaughter 20 years ago.
Records with more details will be in the prosecutorís office.
I see.
If you want the details, thatís the place to look.
Thank you. I'm on the way to a story. Iíll call you later.
You stay in my room and wait there.
Donít ask me why.
After I leave, stay here and act like youíre with me.
I'll confirm the appointment with Assemblyman Mun at 12 o'clock.
Please cancel it.
I have to sort out some woman problem.
What time is the meeting?
Itís at 4 oíclock.
I see.
Was everything okay?
The chairman came to see you.
Did he?
He came to have lunch with you.
I worried for nothing then.
I thought Haeun might have met Shinhyeok.
Then what are you going to do about Gangju?
Iíll take care of that.
Stop following her for now.
I said Iíll take care of her. No buts about it.
Taejun is just like any father. Heís like putty in the hands of his daughter.
Just as my luck runs out, here is a new opportunity.
How is Sucheol these days?
He hasnít gone to work yet.
Heís probably lying in some hospital regretting what he did.
If he starts working, bring him over here.
Itís time to play good cop.
Find out the details about the chief of the reconstruction committee.
If anyone in our company has any connections with them, contact them.
And find out what kind of business is going on between Dongchan and my father.
Donít use company men, only outsiders to check that out.
Yes, sir.
At the moment about 10 companies are competing for the reconstruction project.
J&C will move on it faster than others.
Then weíll have to sit on it faster than others.
That was a joke but it didnít work, did it?
Not really.
Everything depends on the model house.
The model house will be the key to getting a project order or not.
The number of votes we get depends on how much the housing union members will like our model house.
As the design team said,
the number of households and the size of the apartment has already been decided
so feel free to talk about anything.
The area will have subway access and it has greenery, so the area isnít bad.
But many research centers and factories are there too.
The environment and condition of the area are important,
but it is also important to listen to what the union members want exactly.
There is no precedent for contacting union members directly.
You just do it if itís a good idea.
Can you talk to the marketing team about this idea?
Good job everyone. Iíll treat you tonight.
I still have something to do with the design team.
I see.
The singles at our company are crazy about you, Mr. Yu.
Donít beat around the bush. Itís you whoís interested in him.
Sure, but I'm interested in Mr. Ahn too.
And Mr. Ahnís face turns red.
Elders first.
One good turn deserves another.
Thatís nothing to do with me.
Iíve cooked for you. You should be grateful to me.
Thatís against all reason.
A stitch in time saves nine!
What do you mean?
Your obsession with food will cause stomach cancer.
Itís hard to tell whoís better.
All I want is peace.
Are you going back to the office?
No. I'm going somewhere else.
Donít work too late and go home early.
You need energy to work better tomorrow.
What are you doing?
I told you not to use violence.
I didnít expect to see you here.
Do I know you?
This creep sexually harassed my daughter.
Who are you saying I did that?
Donít you remember me? We met at the police station.
I think you mistook me for someone else.
Arenít you the cop Haeun?
Excuse me.
Your sister is here too!
I'm so sorry for what I did to you before. Please forgive me.
Donít be.
And heís not my brother.
He looks so much like him.
Do you know him?
Sorry I made a mistake because you look so much like him.
Iíd better go.
See you tomorrow.
Take care.
Shall we go for a coffee somewhere?
Letís go.
He really looks like your brother, doesnít he?
Was your brother a cop?
Letís go.
Donít move.
How come youíre so reckless?
Donít you remember the buddy principle?
I decide Dongchanís life, not you.
Haeunís dead.
What youíre looking at now is not you friend Haeun.
Let me ask you one thing.
At what point did you get involved?
You werenít involved in Gidoís case, were you?
No, I wasnít.
Weíve come too far to go back to how we were in the past.
But I know this much, you are not a bad person.
Youíre a good guy.
I understand that you had no choice with your motherís safety in mind.
I understand....I mean it.
What are you doing? I knocked several times.
Did you?
No oneís home?
Yes. Everyone seems to be late.
What were you looking at?
Nothing. Have you eaten dinner?
I know you donít like me doing this but I suddenly missed your father.
Why would you think I donít like that?
Isnít it just natural for you to think of Dad?
When are you going to stop doing that?
What do you mean?
Dad died. You have Incheol with you now.
Iíll go and pick up Shinyeong.
Have a rest. You must be tired.
I'm okay. Itís too dangerous for girls to walk on the streets at night time.
Do you know how many crimes of violence against women happen everyday?
I saw it in the newspaper but I canít remember.
Iíll be back soon.
Drink this before you go.
Thanks to you, I'm going to be a healthy man.
Shinyeongís already here.
I donít want to study anymore.
I was about to pick you up.
You shouldíve come earlier.
Itís still too early for class to be out.
I was tired so I played hooky.
Whatís the matter with you?
Arm, leg, head, hip, shoulder, knee, feet, finger... there's nothing that does not hurt.
Really? Then you canít play games with me, can you?
Game, what kind of game.
I was going to test the new laptop I bought for you.
Where is it? Is it in my room?
On your desk.
Come on. Letís play games.
Lion Funds got the natural gas concession in Shenyang, China.
Did they?
But this project isnít an easy one as itís all in strict secrecy.
I understand.
I remember somebody failed to lay the pipelines secretly
from Russia through China. Itís that difficult.
I know of that case.
Thatís why weíre very cautious and need a partner that we can trust.
I'm not conversant with Korean affairs.
So can you introduce a proper partner company for us?
Partner company?
Yes. So that we can do a joint venture and each own 50-50.
Pipelines will come through North Korea from China.
Then that will help to improve relations with North Korea.
It will also contribute to a stable demand and supply of resource.
And it will help you to pass that environment bill youíre pushing.
I guess Resource Development Affairs will be suited for that project,
as their main area is foreign resource development.
If this project goes well,
Lion Funds will donate to you 1% of total costs as a campaign contribution.
I'm not here trying to get some kind of commission.
And I havenít decided anything yet.
Itís not going to be a one-time commission.
The project is long-term business. Itíll last 10 years.
Stable politics in Korea is a crucial element for the success of this project.
Lion Funds has never failed in an investment.
Thatís why we want to invest in your future.
Weíre confident of success in what youíre seeking.
Iíll call you quite soon.
Iíll be waiting.
I have no idea what I was talking about.
Are you Yoon Mijeong?
Have a seat, please.
I donít think Iíve met you before Mr. Kim Nuwin.
I'm just an agent for Mr. Kim.
I see.
I donít know why he sent me a present and wanted to meet me through you.
I know nothing about you.
Heís very interested in Star Hotel.
Mijeong was much greedier than I expected.
That will make everything easier.
When your desire is too big, it invites ruin.
Just like the name?
'Nuwin' rhymes with 'ruin.'
I'm just working for you but I feel sorry for you.
For what?
Not only desire but also vengeful thoughts invite ruin.
How are you going with breaking into Dongchanís office?
I made a copy of the key but itís not easy at all,
because of the security system and thereís also a lot of guards.
Iíll take care of that problem.
Do you think youíll be okay with it?
Heesu seems to be a good man.
What do you mean?
Heís too good to get involved in some cruel revenge plot.
Do you remember you ran around here and there to lodge a petition
for a complete stranger, and bought a ticket for a poor foreign worker?
That person is no longer here.
If this weighs on your mind, you can stop now.
Daeshik and Mancheolís cases are more
than 10 years old, so their records have been destroyed.
I see.
I think the best way is to talk to the cop who was in charge of their cases.
Can you find him for me?
He runs a Korean BBQ restaurant in Seoul.
Hi, Dad.
What brought you here?
Order something to drink first.
I'm okay. Iíve been drinking tea all day.
Do you have something to tell me?
Shinhyeok came to see me.
He told me about Ganghyeokís case and that youíre reporting on it.
He told you about that?
And he told me not to let his family know about Ganghyeok yet.
So why did he go and tell you all that?
He wants me to work on reinvestigating Ganghyeokís case.
I didnít know that he would ask that of you.
Iíll find a way to help Shinhyeok so youíd better quit.
What are you talking about?
Heís very worried about you.
He said youíd be in danger so he asked me to stop you from what youíre doing.
Come on. Whatís so darn dangerous?
Even if itís not, youíd better quit.
Your own personal feelings are getting in the way of your work.
Then youíll lose objectivity while youíre reporting.
I know that wonít happen to me.
That you canít stop it means you have a personal feeling.
Even so, I donít want to stop.
Even if I wanted to, I couldnít stop now.
My director already knows that I'm working on a feature story.
And Ganghyeokís case could be a much bigger case than we think.
What do you mean?
I donít have any evidence but it isnít just a simple murder case.
I think you and Shinhyeok worry too much.
Itís my job to disclose the truth. Moreover, itís about Ganghyeok.
So itís natural for me to work even harder, donít you think so?
Young people prefer emotive designs.
For mid and small size apartments,
a simple and cheerful mood with a cubic effect will work best.
What about the color?
Bright and cheerful colors suit small spaces.
A stylish and modern image will be better for the big-size apartments.
And the colors shouldnít be heavy but mellow.
And letís make some displays using flashy decorations.
Of course.
You two are in cahoots.
Eunha is like Brainy Smurf.
Then am I Gargamel?
Iíll be Papa Smurf.
Excuse me.
I'm in the middle of a meeting.
Then come when the meeting ends. Iíll be waiting in your office.
As mentioned before, this part will have mellow colors,
so this part would be bright and colorful. What do you think?
I was surprised that you went to see my father.
Did you come here because of that?
Did you ask my father to stop me from covering the case?
Do you really worry about me so much to make you do that?
I donít feel right about what youíre doing.
Because Yu Shinhyeok cared for you.
That means you donít anymore.
Let me ask you something.
Do you still feel most comfortable when you are with me?
Is that an answer?
If the old Yu Shinhyeok was here, it would probably be the same.
Does that mean that youíre not like you were before?
Yes. I'm not the old Yu Shinhyeok.
I'm actually in shock.
Anyway, Iíll keep covering the case.
Thank you for caring about me, but donít ask my father such things.
I came to say that.
Give up before itís too late. Otherwise you canít even stop it.
Donít worry about that because I donít want to give up.
If you really think that way, there is nothing that I can do.
Can I meet you early tomorrow evening?
I want to buy my present with you. Is it okay with you?
Yes, he called the chief and said he didnít know Haeun at all.
The chief asked him to surrender then he hung up the phone.
See! Haeun has nothing to do with Sangcheol.
Sangcheol could be lying.
No, heís not!
What the...!
Did you just yell at me? I'm your senior. Did you forget that?
Then believe what I'm saying.
And I'm worried that I can't contact Sucheol.
You little... Do you think I'm not worried?
Did you meet that old cop?
Not yet. He wanted to meet me tomorrow.
I see.
Something flashed through my mind just before.
Daeshik called my team here at work on the day he was killed.
To Team 5?
Yes, twice even.
Lee Gangju speaking.
Itís me.
Hi Jinwu. Long time no see.
Letís have dinner tomorrow. Itís your birthday, isnít it?
Youíre a lonely single. Whoís going to take care of your birthday if not me?
I have an appointment with Shinhyeok.
Are you seeing each other again?
Whether weíre dating again or not, heís close enough to take care of my birthday.
Youíre right.
Letís meet all together then.
How are you going with Eunha?
Itís not easy to get close to her like I told you, right?
No, it isnít.
But I'm happy that I'm one step closer to her anyway.
No matter how long it takes, I want to keep getting closer to her.
Iíve never seen you this serious about a relationship.
Anyway, see you tomorrow.
Hi Gangju.
Are you free tomorrow evening?
Itís my birthday so I want to invite you for dinner.
Is it a dinner that I can join?
Of course. Will you come?
Yes, I will. See you tomorrow.
Who was that?
Lee Gangju.
You two mustíve become really close.
Hi. I donít hear much from you these days. Sucheol either.
You havenít heard from Sucheol at all?
Thatís what I'm asking you. Where has he gone?
Nothing from him since he called me last time and he doesnít answer his cell phone either.
Did you try his house phone?
Itís the same.
Come to his house with me. He mightíve been sick. Who knows?
Thatís a good idea. He never did this before.
Sucheol? Where on earth are you now?
I donít think I can go to work for about a week.
What happened to you?
Donít ask me why but send the boss my message. Iíll call you later.
You havenít eaten anything yet.
I donít want to eat.
I donít know whatís behind this, but stop feeling guilty about Shinhyeok.
I think he already forgave you.
He told me you like abalone soup.
He bought this for you to recover quickly.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Is it true that your brother looked a lot like our vice president?
Why do you ask?
Just curious.
Yes, he does.
Do you have a photo of him so that I can see how much they look alike?
Sure I have a photo but I donít want to show it to you.
I donít know why youíre curious, but youíre his secretary.
If youíre curious about something, you should ask him directly.
This is pretty, isnít it?
This is so cute.
Pay for it.
How much is it?
Forty dollars.
What is it? It looks handmade, doesn't it?
Itís nothing.
It looks like a bracelet. Why are you carrying it in your wallet?
Because itís annoying.
Even though I forced you to buy this for me, I'm still happy. Thank you.
Jinwuís already here.
Jinwu remembered my birthday and called me. Heís much better than you.
Have you been waiting long?
No. How are you, Shinhyeok?
Good, thanks.
Why isnít she here yet? Maybe she canít find the place.
Who else is coming?
Someone youíll be happy to see.
I invited her as a surprise for you.
Jinwu has a crush on her.
He already knows it.
How do you know Eunha?
Itís a secret.
Here she comes.
You donít feel comfortable with her?
Did I make a mistake?
Was it difficult to find?
No, it wasnít.
Have a seat.
Youíre his secretary.
If youíre curious about something, you should ask him directly.
So, whoís going to buy dinner tonight?
I'm the birthday girl and Eunha is a special guest, so you two decide.
Iíll buy.
Okay. Then you can buy drinks later.
Long time no see.
I was going to call you anyway. I'm glad I ran into you here.
Yes, right.
I shouldnít interrupt you and your friends.
Okay, then see you...
Hi. I'm Jinwu.
Can you introduce me to your friend?