Maya Texture Painting Tutorial

Uploaded by animelordvijay on 24.08.2010

Hello! and welcome to my tutorial on texture painting in maya.:) note:this tutorial is NOT for beginners i may not explain every thing thru sub titles.
first create a new project by going to file-project-new ,give a location and accept the defaults.hit accept.
Create a sphere object from the polygons pannel. press (5) key for shaded view
click on the create UV tab and then click on create spherical mapping,adjust the uv projection till it covers thw whole sphere.
now,select rendering from the drop down list located at the top left corner.
select texturing---3d paint tool--the small box next to 3d paint tool(3d paint tool options)
in the 3d paint tool,scroll downt to the "file texture" region ,make sure the attribute to paint option is in "colour"and click on assign/edit texture
in the pop up box enter the resolution of u and v as 1024,keep aspect ratio locked and file type as .bmp. click assign/edit texture button
scroll back to the top--in brush pannel--see paint effects-- and click on the paint effects brush setting.(2nd option)
in the paint effects brush settings go to texturing roll out,Switch ON map color.under TEXTURE TYPE---make it file and under MAP METHOD--make it full view. other setting like repeat UV and offset are same settings as in adding a new material file.adjust as you desire.then load the image you want to paint by clicking on the folder in the IMAGE NAME option.
Paint your object..:)
save your scene and then click on save textures in the 3D PAINT TOOL options.(your texture will be saved in 3d paint textures folder in your project)
again activate the 3d paint tool options--,scroll downt to the "file texture" region ,make sure the attribute to paint option is in "bump" this time and click on assign/edit texture
repeat the same steps you did for the previous map,and save your bump map
assign a new material to the sphere. load the colour map in the colour tab and the bump map in the bump tab(adjust the bump as you want)
change the viewport quality to high quality and preview. this can be used to texture objects like buildings,rocks,and it sorta makes auto unrap a bit easy.I hope you enjoyed this tutorial,this is Animelordvijay and i will see you next time..XD