Far Cry 3 - Dinosaur Island - Exclusive DLC Trailer

Uploaded by ExplosiveAlan on 10.01.2013

It's the game that critics are calling:
Rigorous Leopard Control
Flanking Bear Jerks And now, the makers of Far Cry 3 bring charismatic
white saviour Jason Brody an all-new location to slaughter a very different kind of minority
in, in the inevitable DLC: The Island With The Dinosaurs On It.
NEW ISLAND! The Island With The Dinosaurs On It may look
exactly like the other two islands, but this one contains an all-new threat that you'll
never see coming: more pirates, but these ones are dressed in blue.
NEW ITEMS! Show these anachronistic bastards the true
meaning of extinct and craft fabulous new items for your Aryan warrior king with their
priceless skin. Tricera-hi-tops!
Tyranno-pack! Stego-sword!
Ankylo-socks! Deinonyknickers!
A grenade pouch made from an Iguanadon's arse! NEW BOOSTS!
You've found 20 Memory Cards full of drug recipes - now it's time to put those syringes
to good use! Cocaine, crack, ecstasy, heroin, ketamine, LSD and crystal meth - it's all
here. Gather leaves, grind 'em up, get loaded and grab your gun. Or just lie down for a
bit and enjoy the show. NEW WEAPONS!
Foam cannon! A portable sausage maker!
This stick! A Frisbee with seven Mach 3s stuck to it!
All the other guns glued together to make a sort of super gun!
NEW DOUCHEBAGS! The Island With The Dinosaurs On It features
four brand new, completely unlikeable douchebags who all used to be in the same frat house
as Jason. Can you save Chet, Chad, Chip and Ched Chipley from the clutches of the unlikely
dino-pirate alliance? NEW DIALOGUE!
We're all tired of yet another pirate complaining about his urinary infection, so we've added
3,000 new lines to keep you enthralled as you hide in the long grass.
"I only do this because I want my kids to have a better life"
"So who brokered the deal with the dinosaurs?" "Only five seconds left until retirement"
"I was the keyboardist in an all-gay Genesis tribute band, Menesis"
"It hurts when you piss? You should see my piles"
ANIMAL PHYSICS! Because you demanded it! No more of this:
IT It's coming.