Introducing DSM Food Specialties

Uploaded by dsmcompany on 28.09.2012

What I like about working for DSM Food Specialties
is that we have a very dynamic and very ambitious team.
We are a truly global organization and we want to grow.
Today we have strong positions in Enzymes,
Savory Taste, Cultures and Food and Crop Protection.
Everything is based around fermentation.
We have a very strong technical organization.
Around 500 scientists are working at our Delft location.
We have good global coverage
with production facilities in Australia, China, Europe, Americas.
We are very proud of the products we are producing.
We consistently try to develop products faster for our customers.
Our products bring value to our customers and to our customer's customers.
So whenever we make something that gives a taste or texture or flavor,
key is that the final consumer likes it.
Innovation is key to everything we do. DSM is truly committed to innovation.
We are at this moment investing 45 million euros in a new research facility here at the Delft location.
Yes, we develop products now and for the future also.
What excites me as a person, is to be part of something that is growing.
Because when you are part of an organization, a team that is winning and growing,
you also get much more exciting opportunities to develop yourself
and to be in a working environment that is fun, challenging and dynamic.
That is what we are creating and what we also want to create for the future.
Our ambition is to double the turnover in the next three to four years.
We are making major progress on that route.
Both from an organic point of view we are growing.
The business is bringing innovations and solutions to our customers in a faster pace.
And is helping our customers to be successful.
We have also been fortunate to add new colleagues to our organization.
Recently we had an acquisition in the Enzyme area,
where we welcomed a number of new colleagues in the Oil and Fats area.
We are very proud that the new area which has been added,
is already being recognized by our customers to bring significant value to them.
If we get opportunities to strengthen other parts of our organization, we would love that.
We want to grow and that really is our starting point.
We believe we have a lot of strong technology that we can bring to the market place.
If we can expand that in the future, we would love to do that.
We are absolutely convinced that there is a very nice and bright future for DSM Food Specialties.