Nagori Puri Recipe Video - How to Make Nagori Puri?

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Bedmi poori and nagori poori is specialty in Delhi which are served in breakfast.
We have already made Bedmi and toady we will make nagori poori.
Let’s see what all ingredients are required for making nagori poori.
Maida - 1 cup
Semolina - ½ cup
Oil - for frying poori
Oil - 2 tbsp (for adding in flour)
Carom seeds - ¼ tsp
Salt - ½ tsp
For making nagori poori, knead dough first.
Add semolina, carom seeds, salt and oil in maida.
Mix all ingredients nicely.
By adding little amount of lukewarm water at a time knead the dough.
Dough should be hard then that used for making chapatti.
Dough is ready and we have used ½ cup water for kneading this much quantity of flour.
Cover the dough and keep it aside for ½ hour for fermenting.
After ½ hour knead the dough again and then make nagori.
Grease your hands with dough.
Now make small size balls from the dough.
Place oil on flame for heating.
Roll the balls like this.
Now roll the poori.
Nagori poori has 2-2.5 diameter.
Keep them bit thick and roll them from corners.
Place them on a plate.
Check whether oil in heated or not.
Oil should be medium hot for frying nagori poori.
Keep the flame medium.
Place the poori in oil.
Fry on medium-low flame until it turns golden brown in color.
Fry 3-4 or as many pooris as possible at time.
Take out the ones which turn golden brown in color.
Press poori slightly with help of a ladle.
We have fried all pooris.
Golden brown and crusty nagori poori is ready.
We have made 18 pooris from this much quantity of dough.
Serve nagori poori with aloo masala sabzi or sooji halwa.
Try making this recipe at your place and share your experiences with us.
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