How to Use Vintaj Patinas and Glaze

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Hi this is Julie with and I'm very excited to introduce you to
a new line of products and these are Vintaj Patinas and they come in
sets of three like this. I've pulled several different sets to show you the color
range. We've got these wonderful pale pink and purple
the nice brown earth tones
I have a cream, yellow, black set
purples and blues which are a litlle bit richer in tone and I got some great
green with a turquoise
you get do three in a set which makes it really nice to blend these
and then another product you're gonna wanna consider using when you do use
the Patinas is a glaze and this is put out by Vintaj as well it works as a sealer
as well as a Patina extender and I'm going to show you just how to use it
you're going to maybe want to use the Vintaj relief block, not necessary but
you'll see a little trick on how to make your designs pop
you're going to need a paintbrush
some water, a paper towel and then I'm also working on a nonstick kraft mat. This
actually a soldering mat but it works really well for this application as well
so what's so great about the Patinas is that they are permanent and they were
specially formulated for metal
so you do not actually need to use a sealer to seal the Patina
you wanna go ahead and relief the surface a little bit which I will show you
how to do it
so let's get started right away so you can see how fun these are
I did a couple already, here's this great beetle and what I used on this guy
was black and green
I did a wash of turquoise and then I relieved it with the relief block. I want
show you the exact same process but on this key
so I'm going to grab my colors: olive green
and then also the turquoise
what you want to do is shake these up
and you'll hear a ball
shake them up really well
and they are super fast drying and I'm going to pour it out onto my
nonstick mat
take my paintbrush, I'm not going to paint, I'm going to dab
I'm doing that to get all the nooks and crannies of these wonderful thing
Vintaj metal pieces
unless you're using a flat brush
and that's also helping me to get into
the little recesses, cover a lot of territory
when you're done, go ahead and immediately wash your paint brush off with water
this is going to dry very quickly
so I
right now
going to add some cream into it while it's still a little bit
you can lightly touch it, you'll see that not a lot comes off, it is drying
pretty quick
and I'm gonna put
sporadically, let it mix a little bit
with the black
and wash my paint brush off right away
I'm going to let that dry, I'm going to the take two or three minutes to dry
I'm going to go over the top
with a turquoise wash
now that may first coat is dry, I wanna apply a wash over the entire surface so
I'm going to go ahead
a little bit of paint on the mat
and then take the glaze
you want to do one part patina
to two to three maybe even four parts of the Glaze depending upon how
thin you want it
just like that
mix it up
you're not going to use water to create a washed effect but you're going to use
the glaze
just going to paint this over the entire surface
you can see that actually it wasn't as dry as it should of been, it has a little
bit of color coming off, that's going to be okay for this application because it's not a
precise science
and I just want an overall color effect
again wash off right away
while this one is drying, I want to show you another technique
I'm going to take this Vintaj arte metal
I'm going to use different colors and I think I'm gonna go for a cream
maybe even a pink
and I'm going to do an all over base color in cream
just dabbing
on this piece I want to get a bit more of a modeled effect

go ahead and take a bit of paper towel
just go over
the area I painted
you're gonna pull off some of that paint
add a little pink
go into different spots

does dry really quick
just be aware of that
rinse off my paint brush
for really colorful look I'm going to add some purple
again paper towel
blot it
and I have a really nice model look
set that aside to dry
clean off the brush
while those two are drying, before I use a Vintaj relief block on it want to
show you one more example
I've got this Vintaj
stamping blank which I've used an embossing plate on with the Vintaj BIGKick to
create the design
and dab the black paint
on the entire surface
of the butterfly
washout my
and then let the black coat dry for a minute and then and then go over and do s
wash on top on him as well
now I'm going to put a wash on the butterfly. I'm going to take my pink
again I'm going to extend it with the glaze
mix that up
and just paint it the over the wash
I'm just letting the paint settle into the
recessed area
I'm going to let that dry
and then come back and use the Vintaj relief to bring out some of those
raised areas
now that my Patinas are completely dry, go ahead and take the left
side of my Vintaj relief block
and go over the top surface

and expose some of the metal below. These is a arte metal piece, it's exposes some of the
nice silver color
if you've worked with arte metal that the
main color is a black
but when you use the Vintaj relief it pulls out of really wonderful rich silver
There's that piece
these are already done
I actually love how the key looks, I'm not going to use the relief block on it
It's perfect the way it is
and I've got my butterfly and do the same thing, relief the surface
you can see I'm pulling out some of that brass below
It's getting a really interesting effect
I'm happy with how that looks
so now for sealing
this piece here doesn't need to be sealed at all
it just got the Patina on it and that's permanent. It doesn't need to be sealed
that's the same with this piece right here that I did. I just had
like a modeled effect that I did with the paper towel
now technically
these guys do not need to be sealed either they have Patina on them and
they are good to go however if you want to keep it looking identical to this
meaning that exposed area, the color that it is where I pulled out the brass and
I pulled out the arte metal silver
then you're gonna wanna go ahead and seal it
paint a layer over the entire top surface
you might want to do some dabbing
just because it'll into the nooks and crannies
you don't have to do this, if you're okay with that color changing ever so
slightly as it ages as it naturally do
and you don't need to
if you want to keep that silver really silver
You want to go ahead and just seal it with the glaze
and not is all there is to
using Vintaj Patinas and Glaze