LoB 3.2 (English-subbed)

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if you are really going to be happy, Would I stop you?
Don’t you know he is making use of you and lying to you?
He doesn’t love you at all.
If you go, you will definitely regret it.
Zeng Shan Mei!
I am telling you this for the last time.
You step out of this house and I will sever my relationship with you.
Everyone thought that I am living happily in Hangzhou.
But actually I cant even look for my friends and can't return home.
When you bought the wedding ring.
The person you thought about was her, right?
If it is so, then stop being a Mr. Nice Guy.
It is not possible to be nice to me...
and love Xiao Bo at the same time.
You ought to be more resolute.
Just tell me frankly...
you don’t have any .more feelings for me.
The person you love is Xiao Bo.
Because of this relationship,
I have lost everything.
I might as well die.
What I told Doremi just now.
Seems a little too much.
It’s so late and she’s not back yet.
Surely she didn’t take things too hard?
Surely she is not so fragile.
Crying won’t solve problems.
Crying won’t change reality.
Whereas a child like you who have been raised with care and protection by your parents.
When you fail just once in a love relationship.
Fell and scraped your knees, you look like you want to die.
I look down on you from the bottom of my heart!
If your life ended the moment you broke up.
Then let me advise you...
Quickly find a place and end your own life.
TKA Subbers Translator: Amanda Timer/Editor: Hei Yan http://iswakfansubs.blogspot.com/
If your life ended the moment you broke up.
Then let me advise you...
Quickly find a place and end your own life.
*A two-timer like Senior*
*Is not worth you getting sad over!*
Zeng Shan Mei!
You are a super idiot!
Do you come here often?
I come here pretty often.
How about you?
What do you do?
I work for a departmental store.
Really? Me too!
- Really? - Yeah.
The cosmetics counter lady looks drunk.
Where did Frank go?
Why isn’t he here to help me?
Shan Mei slipped off by herself and left me here.
Thank you!
Bye Bye!
What…what are you doing?
Didn’t you tell me to kill myself?
I am ending my life now.
But it is lonely to die alone.
So I need company.
Please, calm down.
Don’t be impulsive!
I am very calm now.
Thank you for dying with me.
TKA Subbers Translator: Amanda Timer/Editor: Hei Yan http://iswakfansubs.blogspot.com/
What are you doing?
I have something to say to you.
Although he went too far last night.
But what he said actually made sense.
Actually, if only she would say something polite.
I wouldn’t have kept forcing her to return me the money.
Should I be thanking him instead?
I wonder if she has recovered from yesterday.
Why are you stealing glances at me?
Who is stealing glances at whom?
I forgot to ask you.
Last night...
Why did you pretend to be my boyfriend?
I was just joking.
Didn’t you go along with it as well?
When did I do that?
Of course you did!
Let me tell you.
Don’t joke about something like that.
There is nothing between us.
Let me ask you.
Have you found a job yet?
So what if I haven’t?
I am about to go off to work now.
Since you have not found a job yet,
clean the house if you are so free.
Why should I?
I am not your maid.
The floor is so dusty!
Remember to mop after you sweep!
Make sure you scrub the toilet bowl well.
Wait a minute.
Were you listening to me at all?
Remember to throw away the leftovers in the kitchen.
Oh yes.
If you are free,
do remember to clean up my room as well.
Since we are staying together, why quibble over such a small matter?