Alec Newman - Children of Dune Interview

Uploaded by DuneInfo on 10.03.2012

Well one of the things I was most excited about was
the fact that this was new territory, that no one had ever done before.
In many ways the challenge with the first one was to over come
people's preconceptions, both in terms of the book certainly,
but also in terms of David Lynch's movie
So with this we really got some fresh material that hasn't been attempted before
That was really the most exciting element about coming back that we ...
there are really are no preconceptions in terms of another version of this story
having been filmed or attempted in any way
And really the whole political emphasis of the story
I think is a lot more mature in many ways than the first Dune
I think it resembles the world that we live in today,
especially with Israel, Palestine and sort of terrorism in general
There is the opportunity for war to occur at any moment
And that really resembles to me the Dune that we arrive at for
the beginning of night 1 in this miniseries
Obviously a lot of people enjoyed the first miniseries
I enjoyed being involved and it was all a fantastic discovery for me
this whole world and how pertinent all of it is to today