Gaming meets Skateboarding - Red Bull Skate Arcade 2012 Italy

Uploaded by redbull on 26.07.2012

With Red Bull Skate Arcade we tried to combine the video game world with the skateboard world.
There are 2 steps: the online one with more than 700 skaters, and the final contest based in Brescia at the Railway park.
25 finalist from around Italy are going to fight against each other.
Like in a video game, during the first 6 levels you get lives and scores. You can use the points to fight the Bosses.
Bosses declare a trick and you have 5 chances to do it. If you can't do it, you lose a life. If you finish them you are out!
The Bosses include: Thaynan Costa from Portugal, Javier Paredes from Spain, Mark Bachman from Hungary and Marco Lambertucci from Italy.
The winner is the skater who has the most lives at the end of the game. The prize is a trip to California,
to ride in Ryan Sheckler's new skate park and various amazing spots such as Stoner and Venice. So, lots of fun!
I'm very pleased because it will be my first time in California.
I'm the second guys from Sardinia to get this kind of trip. I'm gonna meet Sheckler and that's it!