Maribor In Your Pocket - Glavni Trg & Plague Column (Kužno Znamenje)

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We are here in Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia and the capital of the Stayerska region.
It's known for many things including several big events such as the Lent festival during the summer
which attracts almost ¾ million people and the Golden Fox ski competition
which is a World Cup slalom that is held every winter in January.
It’s also the capital of one of Slovenia’s major wine growing regions.
In a quote that kind of sums up both the people and the region comes from a famous poet
from Maribor, Janko Glazer. He said:
Where is there a city like ours? From every direction wine is pouring into our glasses.
Behind me is one of Maribor’s main plague columns that was built in the 18th Century
to celebrate the fact that, I guess, that the plague only killed one third of the city and not more.
I does look really nice at night if you have a chance to stop by at that time.