Part 08 Sheps Spiritual Awakening & Destiny - Peter Gives Me a Message from Spirit

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Hello Friends Welcome Back!
Two or Three days after my
musical proof from Father God.
Peter started telling me many things,
He taught me many teachings
and about himself and Christ
and another Octavious,
about Father God.
He was telling me many things
and it was wondrous,
it truly was.
After a few days of having this musical proof,
Peter said Neil!
Because he told me he communicated with Father God
and he said Neil your Mothers here!
My Mother had passed over
When I was eleven years old 1974.
He gave me a message from her
and she gave a description of herself
and ah, much memory links
of evidence of things we had done
when she was alive her on the earth,
when I was a child.
So! and then a beautiful message
about how much she loved me and missed me
and that she was well and happy in the spirit realm.
And it was wonderful!
Because I thought of her many times
and that was the first time I ever prayed,
the day after my mother died.
I was with my dad driving round the hill
going to the local shop where I lived
and ah, I though please God!
Look after my Mother,
until I can come to Heaven
Ah so, that was the first time I ever prayed.
Ah but then about that time,
a day after that.
This was three days after the proof,
that Father God had given me in music.
Peter said one evening when I come home.
Neil! tonight we have had your
Master Guide come here
and he has presented himself to me,
to make you aware of him
and this is your Master Guide
and he gave a description of this man
and what he was like,
where he come from,
what nation he was, everything
and I thought fair enough
and that was that.
I went away and went to bed.
And then come down a couple of days later,
Peter said Neil!
You can also develop such abilities
through meditation, as many others here do.
So I thought great I will try that sometime.
I will now go onto the next video.
Where Peter told me this
and then put me with the light
and spirit guidance.
So we will go onto that in the next video
Bless you!
Thanks you for watching!
Bye Bye Shep!