Nvidia 3D Vision Kit + Monitor 2233rz the unboxing! [c/ legendas em inglês_w/ english subs]

Uploaded by mihhhdaftpunk on 29.05.2010

Hello to everyone, Michelle here again
Today I will show you my 3D Vision kit and the monitor, and will show you the unboxing of the glasses.
Well, as you can see here is the monitor from Samsung 2233rz.
Just remember this: when you decide to go shopping for a 3D Vision compatible monitor check if they got this sticker.
GeForce 3D Vision ready.
That means that your monitor is fully compatible to run with the 3D Vision glasses.
So, let's get started with the unboxing.
As you can see the box is quite well divided.
Here you can find the CD's, instalation guides and cables.
You can also see the high quality of the items that Nvidia provides to us is impecable.
Just looking how well set and organized are boxes states that well.
I will start with this over here.
A microfiber wrapping... and a microfiber tissue so you can clean up the glasses.
Really cool.
Here is the "Welcome", the CD's and the installation guides.
"Welcome"....."Quick start guide"... and "Tips and Tricks"
Here the driver's CD.
And the coolest thing on the compartiment:
A CD with 3D demonstrations so you can see it with the glasses, just awsome.
And over here all the standart cables that we already expected.
- and finally -
Here are the glasses.
As you can see there are two nose adapters, so it can fit anybody's nose *lol*
The glasses look pretty good.
Here is the "power" button.
Just to remember: these glasses have 40 hours battery on wireless use.
Really nice.
You can charge it later on the mini usb cable that comes with this kit.
Here in the infrared sensor, with some kind of pyramid look.
And here on the back, you can control the amount of immersion that you will see with the glasses.
Another thing to remember: even though it runs on geforce 8 series and above.
If you are looking for FULL immersion I recommend at least a GTX 260.
I guess that's it, hope you enjoyed the video.
Later on I will add on the video's description my impressions about the gaming experience.
Bye Bye.