DIY Wood Crate Storage

Uploaded by MichaelsStores on 19.07.2012

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This time of year,
kids are always bringing home stuff from school
and you need a really great, easy way
to organize it.
So today I'm going to give this plain wood crate
an A-plus upgrade.
I've already gone ahead and painted this purple
on the inside and out and let it dry.
Next we're going to personalize it,
and I'm using Duck Tape.
We've got so many fun patterns of Duck Tape,
We've got sheets and rolls you can use.
I picked this paint splatter pattern,
which is really fun.
And you can even take your kids to the store
and let them pick out what pattern and color they want
to personalize their crate.
So once you have your pattern,
go ahead and take your Duck Tape
and we're going to cover
all four sides of the container.
You want to just line it up
top, bottom, left and right and smooth it out.
As you can see on this,
I've gone ahead and I've covered
all four sides of the crate with the Duck Tape.
Then to personalize it,
I've added a piece of contrast Duck Tape
and some sticker letters.
Now, I just wrote "My stuff,"
but you can go ahead and add your kids' names
or write what's going to be in there,
so "Toys" or "Books."
I hope this really helps you get organized
this school year.
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