TUSDITG - 1 (Happy B-Day Chel!)

Uploaded by ominias on 13.08.2010

Ah! Shea-san, you're awake!
Now Ignito is the only one asleep
But, I don't wanna wake him up or he'll get pissed
Then, I'll go wake him
I had this dream...
I've always wanted to wake him up with a frying pan
Oh, it's you
Hey, you got some on me!
Oh, you're awake
I messed up
Sh-Shea! Why are you holding a knife?!
Huh? I thought I was holding a frying pan
I wonder where it went
Eh? Shea, don't swing that around!
What are you talking about?
Don't swing that in my directio-AHHH!
The knife
is flying
I'm a kitty cat!
[Hello, everyone!]
[How are you? Fine thank you]
Oh my god!
[I wish I were a bird]
Why are you speaking in english?
My daughter is going to America
A bird?
Not a bird, I am a cat!
If I'm not a cat, what am I?!
Your face kinda looks like...
Oswald, the previous demon lord
[I'm sorry!]
Are you a real cat?
But look at my cat tongue, thus proving I am a cat!
Ah! I have a cat tongue too!
Then I'll rip it out of your mouth!!!
Ehh? Why?!
Let's make something, let's make something~
Well then, I wonder what's going to be made?