School to Career

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>> MR> GARNER: School to Career is a transitional program to help our students be more competitive
in the working world. This program was started in Cheney Tech in 2005 and since then all
the schools in the state of Connecticut technical school system have a school- to-career program
where they are taught career development and portfolio development.
The goal of this program is to help our students be more successful, hopefully give them a
better quality of life. I see the junior and senior students and they come to me three
days a week during the shop cycle. The way this class benefits the students is
to help them be more competitive when they’re searching for successful job interviews, those
types of things, so they can find the jobs that pay well and have an opportunity for
stability in their lives.
>> CHRIS KOPYTKO: It helps you because it really brings out what your future is going
to be like and how you’re gonna have to act in the work place and what the hazards
are and how to be prepared. It’s very fun, very laid back. It brings
everything realistic to your face and makes it so you can really tell what’s going on.
I think after the course I will be more prepared for the future just because it brings everything
right there and tells you what really happens in the workplace. I mean you get experience
through school but it’s not the same as seeing it in a real environment.
>>MR. GARNER: With the junior class when they first come in -- until they learn what the
class is all about, how it impacts their potential for being competitive in the working world
-- I usually have a few issues in the beginning.
But after a couple of weeks they buy into it. Seniors I have no problems with whatsoever.
Students learn in School to Career resume writing, interview skills, job advancement,
job searching.
>>BRANDON JONES: The thing I enjoy most about the class is that it teaches me real-life
scenarios that I can actually apply in the real world. This program is helping me by
developing an essential resume that’s allowing me to get into jobs I normally would not,
it provides an essential stepping stone that will allow students like me to get to a better
>>MR. GARNER: The way students learn teamwork in this class, we have several activities
that are teamwork orientated especially during the NIOSH youth safety. Virtually everything
in that is teamwork where they have to resolve work-related safety issues as a team.
>>KOPYTKO: I find it easier to work with my peers in this class then most classes because
you work with them in shop already. So you see them and you know what they do. And bringing
them in that class is a lot like having them in the actual workplace. This class helps
prepare for the workforce because it makes it a lot easier to know what’s going on
before you actually get thrown into it by yourself.
>>MR. GARNER: Also in the senior year they learn community service activities and NIOSH
youth safety, which is on the job safety. And the final piece is their trade portfolio,
which is required by all Connecticut technical high school students. it’s a graduation
requirement. And I have many students that return after graduation to talk to me about
their successes as well. So I think they get something out of it