Un Aller Simple - Episode 1 - "Hi Paparazzi Guy"

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This is it.
Our flight will leaves in one hour, one hour and half.
Everything is good right now.
We will land in 16 hours at Kunming
after a stop at Beijing for 2 hours.
One-way ticket
Visa for
Kunming, here we are!
Our travel should last 24 hours
but it lasted 30 hours including the train, the flight and the cab.
I can't even realize that we are in Kunming.
The night have already fallen.
Our room is perfect.
It's cool for us.
The man who greeted us at the hotel speaks English well and is very friendly.
The city just looks amazing, more than I expected.
In fact, you probably don't know Kunming.
It's a city with 6 million people so in China, it's a small city.
I don't know what you think but
coming from airport,
it was a small taxi ride but we are very impressed by what we saw.
The locals eat at 6 - 7 p.m.
and it's already 10 p.m. so it seems difficult
to find a restaurant but our host told us
that KFC is opened 24/7.
I think we are going to eat there.
Let's go to KFC.
You can buy shoes at 10 p.m. , it's f**king cool!
Now, i'm relieved !
KFC, where are you?
Which one is KFC? I don't know
It's the same as in France. What?
I think we got the same in France
but this one is very spicy!
It tastes good.
In any case, the Chinese KFC is not bad.
We tried a sort of burritos
which burn my mouth! Oh yes, it's so spicy.
It tastes like suchis with wasabi
but it's burritos.
So,it's Mexican suchis!
After one night, we had no problem with the 7 hours jet lag.
We went to bed at 1 a.m.
and we woke up at midday,
so a normal rythm !
The cloud mass that you can see is not pollution.
Kunming is one of the least polluted cities.
In fact, it's the end of the rainy season so
it's often cloudy and
sometimes there is storm.
We heard that it will end soon.
That's what our host told us.
In China, you don't drink tap water,
except for brave people !
Here, everyone got this water fountain
with mineral water.
So now, we will go to Carefour
because after 3 spicy meals
and no toothbrush,
It's time to take care
of our hygiene.
Today, we are lucky because we met
French people who join our hotel
and share our flat because
there are 3 private rooms with living room and kitchen.
It's a French couple but
the wife must got Chinese origin because
she speaks Chinese and have Chinese face.
We just met them so we talk just a few moment.
We hope to discuss more later
because they seem friendly.
It's nice here, but we haven't find Carrefour yet.
At Las Vegas, you got speed wedding
and in Kunming, there are chain wedding.
They actualy marry strangers !
I think here we are.
Are we?
I find my market
and there is McDonald's!
Carrefour is just amazing whataver on
color, smelling and taste.
To my mind, this is immeasurable.
However, about prices,
it's not as cheap as we believed.
The Head Shoulders, it's the same as France :
it costs 3.80 €.
Products like Axe (Lynx)
are more expensive by one or two euros.
However, we do a lot of savings on food
and on some products of everyday life.
In general, prices are equivalent in France
a bit lower.
Well, after two days, we already mess up our room !
Can you explain where did you got this beautiful luggage?
In the airport
when I found my first luggage broken.
Air China offered me this one To compensate.
It's solid, it's Chinese quality product.
Well, Axe is called Lynx here
and it costs 6 euros.
Oh, It's worth it !
You're sick, what do you want?
I got everything you need...
Medicinal products, medicinal products ... medicinal products , everything!
Maëlle wants at all costs
to go and take a look on Starbuck
so we will a take a cofee there.
Maëlle, look!
It's just here !
Fuck it's just here !
Or maybe not !
The area around our hotel is just crazy.
There are so many malls.
Here is one.
On this side, there is a huge one.
And it seems there are another two next to this area.
Chinese are f**king crazy !
Do you think it's a real Apple Store or not?
Today, Gonoro is going to join us
so we change our hotel.
Fortunately, Rick, our hotel's host, comes with us
because apparently,
it's pretty hard to get a cab in Kunming.
Here we are !
Few days before,
in Indonesia.
Basically, for all this foods, it costs 130 RMB
which are around 15 euros for 4 people.
4 people but one menu in France !
And it's really tasty !
Hi Paparazzi Guy.
After the dinner,
we had with Rick, our hotel's host,
two Ukrainian friends,
Dimitri and Maxim,
joined us. Well, our night was free
because Rick paid the restaurant, Rick our host!
Then, our drinks was free and paid by our friends.
In other words : China is cool !
We told Gonoro to be ready at 1 p.m.
Now it's 1.30 p.m., let see if he already wake up.
Gonoro is not at the same room as us.
And if it's not Gonoro ?!
What a f**king j**k !
Of course,
Gonoro wasn't ready to go !
Well, what is funny is that the electricity works
thanks to this card.
So, if you take it out, let see what happen.
Gonoro ! You took off the card j*** ?
Maëlle : yes Antoine : No no
Is it normal the light is off?
Gonoro : If you take off the card, it happens dude. Antoine : ah ok !
Well, now we are
in a traditional Chinese restaurant.
We ordered one of the famous meal
in Kunming :
Noodles over the bridge.
At first, we were treated to food baskets with
quail egg,
vegetables, duck meat,
black mushrooms
and actually ham.
Then, we get a sort of chicken soup
which is very very hot
and finally noodles.
What I have seen, I should at first
put the quail egg in the chicken stock
then the vegetables
with some tripes.
After that, I should put a sort of
then the mushrooms.
And finally, just throw the dish !
The result is a nice Chinese meal, a beautiful soup
with green vegetables
so it's a balanced meal of course.
Finally, I put noodles
It's a little bit hard I guess
because I have to be careful.
Let it be clear that the noodles are cold.
It's the soup which heats everything
the ham, the duck meat,
and the noodles are heated.
Moreover, everyone can try Chinese chillies sauce
but it's only for the strongest,
for us, it will be for next time.
I'm only here since two days so I don't want to be already sick !
We have been in Kunming since a week.
We have time to adapt a bit
with the Chinese environment :
cultural differences,
the language barrier,
the spicy Chinese food.
At the beginning, it was really hard because we can't speak Mandarin.
We have met many people
and we really appreciate our first moment in China.
Except Gonoro,
because he have spent more times in toilet.
Thanks everyone for watching this episode,
we hope you liked it
Even if beetween KFC, Starbuck and Carrefour,
we don't have taken much risk.
If you want to follow our adventure,
you can suscribe to our Youtube channel
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See you soon !
And now, you probably wonder
why Gonoro hides his nose.
Gonoro !?
Why do you hide your nose?
Because Antoine smells
and you will see why in the next episode!