The Rules & Basics of Soccer : How to Make Goal Kicks in Soccer

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

Hi, my name is Christopher Howell with Expert Village and today I'm going to talk to you
about how to watch soccer and it's basics. When you do a goal kick, you never want to
kick the ball right down the middle of the field. You either want to kick it to the left
hand outside the field or to the right hand outside the field. The reason for that being
is, because let's say one of your guys, you know, he's a better player but you're not
too sure if he's going to come down with the ball or not. Well the odds are, if you put
it right down the side line, your guy can at the very least, knock it out of bounds.
Now if he knocks it out of bounds down there, it kind of buys you all time to get your players
onto that side of the field, further down there, and the ball is already way down the
field, more than half way down the field, and I can guarantee one of the guys who throws
the ball in from that point, is not going to throw it all the way back down towards
this side of the field. So even though it does go out of bounds way down the field,
we are still making some type progress on this goal kick. So never really kick it down
the middle unless you have to. Kick to the outsides. And that's your goal kick.