Seven Sins: Greed

Uploaded by bravofact on 22.09.2011

[singing] >>She:
I called you on the phone And said come over.
My stomach's growling And I'm so hungover.
>>He: I said I'll be right there.
Just let me brush my hair. And then I hurried over.
>>She: I let you in
and offered you a bagel He:
And then it went down hill Straight down hill
>>she: Do you
like butter on your bagel?
>>She: There’s only one bagel left.
>>He: Why don't we slice it in half? That's like
the nature of a bagel.
>>She: But, I want the whole bagel.
>>She: It wasn't-
>>He: Only child
>>She: Such a big
>>He: Only child
>>She: - deal, I don't think, Paul
>>He: Only child
>>She: You left me
>>He: Of course I did
>>She: Callously
>>He: I disagree
>>She: For another man named Paul
>>He: I told you
>>She: I'm listening
>>He: From the start
>>She: The gay thing
>>He: I was maybe bi
>>She: New York, and Montreal I love your bagels
do you like butter on your bagel?