West Wing Week: 4/20/12 or "Roll Tide"

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Ana Maria Rudas Nino: Welcome to the West Wing Week from Cartagena, Colombia!
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Narrator: Welcome to the West Wing Week!
Your guide to everything that's happening at 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue.
This week, the President visited one of the sunshine state's
largest ports; attended the Summit of the Americas in
Cartagena, Colombia; announced new steps to strengthen
oversight of energy markets; welcomed Champion NASCAR Drivers
and the Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team to the White
House; and traveled to Ohio to speak with unemployed workers
about the importance of job training programs.
That's April 13th to April 19th or "Roll Tide!"
On Friday the 13th, the President headed south
and tried his luck in the heat at the Port of Tampa where the
sun made a particularly strong impression on staffers who
forgot their SPF protection.
The Tampa area has played a major role in the President's
goal of doubling exports by the end of 2014.
The President: How much expansion have we done lately?
Richard Wainio: This was 15-acres five years ago.
The President: Now, part of building that economy is making
sure that we're not a country that's known just for what we
buy and what we consume.
Our economy was thriving when shipping containers left ports
like this packed with goods that were stamped with three proud
words: "Made in America!"
That's the country I want us to be again.
Narrator: Before leaving Tampa, he sat down with Telemundo
for an interview at the port and then began his journey further
south to Cartagena, Colombia for the Summit of the Americas.
On Saturday, he kicked off the Sixth Annual Summit of the
Americas by sitting down with Colombian President Santos as
well as President Rousseff of Brazil for a CEO Summit.
The President: The days when we could think of each of our economies in
isolation, those days are long gone.
My hope is is that we all recognize this enormous
opportunity that we've got.
And I know that the business leaders who are here today,
they understand it.
They understand that we're in a new world and we have to think
in new ways.
Narrator: Later, he attended the formal opening ceremony
replete with the major representation of the
summit's chosen symbol.
The el-colibri or hummingbird with another
national symbol Shakira.
♪♪ (singing) ♪♪
On Sunday, the President held a joint press conference
with President Santos where they announced the U.S./Colombian
Free Trade Agreement would take effect May 15th which
is expected to increase American exports by more than $1 billion
and create or support thousands of jobs all across America.
The President: This is a fast growing part of the world.
It is one of our largest trading partners.
So there is a natural bond that already exists.
And it's important that our governments build on that
natural bond for the mutual benefit of both nations.
Narrator: Later, the two Presidents toured San Pedro Claver Church
and participated in a landmark land titling
event with President Santos where they were joined by
singer/songwriter Shakira.
The President: Both our nations have struggled to overcome a painful past.
Both keep striving to fulfill our ideals of
justice and equality.
And I stand here today as President of the United States
and you can stand here with title to the land,
and that is proof that progress is possible.
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Narrator: On Tuesday morning, after the Space Shuttle Discovery dazzled
local residents as it flew over D.C. in route to its final home,
the President delivered a statement in the Rose Garden
announcing a plan to increase oversight and crack down on
manipulation in oil and gas markets.
The President: We have a situation where speculators artificially
manipulate markets by buying up oil,
creating the perception of a shortage and driving
prices higher.
That's not the way the market should work and for anyone who
thinks this cannot happen, just think back to how Enron traders
manipulated the price of electricity to reap huge profits
at everybody else's expense.
Narrator: In the afternoon, the President welcomed the 2011 Chase for the
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers to the White House
to honor Tony Stewart's NASCAR Spring Cup Series
Championship and to recognize their efforts to give back to
their community.
The President: You look out for military families,
you look out for Gold Star families,
you make regular visits to Walter Reed,
for you guys to give that much back to folks who have given so
much to us as a country and help protect us and keep us
safe is remarkable.
Narrator: On Wednesday, the President traveled to Elyria, Ohio,
where he held a roundtable with unemployed workers who
are students in Lorain County Community College
Jobs Training Programs.
Bronson Harwood: If it wasn't for you providing that opportunity to me to come
back to school and to start my own career,
honestly, I would not be able to do it without you.
Narrator: Then he spoke at the college highlighting his
Administration's job training initiatives,
to help get more Americans back to work,
and to connect more unemployed Americans with the skills
training needed to find jobs in high demand/high
growth industries.
The President: Right now companies can't find enough qualified workers for the
jobs they need to fill.
So programs like this one are training hundreds of thousands
of workers with the skills the companies are looking for.
And it's working.
And it's going to help America grow.
Here in Lorain County, 90% of people who graduated from
this program --
-- have a job three months later.
Narrator: On Thursday, the President hosted the Alabama Crimson
Tide Football Team on the South Lawn of the White House
in honor of their BCS National Championship Victory.
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