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Hello YouTube, today I am going to show you around the room It's basically my home
Room Tour
I call it a tour in the This is what you suggest actually
Most of what you see here actually In this part, it's all the room I work with
With all the gadgets and all things You see already below
Okay, so this is my room Work room, a computer room
As you can see
Let's go through each one of all the things I have here
Let's start with the Computer
Here we have the USB hub
I have them because I have a lot of material I need the USB ports to
Here let's see
It basically GSM transmitter
Transmitter is that ... Put the SIM CARD
Then once calling him, you can Hear what's going on, where you put it
It is also, it seems like a sign of a vehicle
But it is actually a camera
This camera camera, hidden spy camera
It's my chassis, chassis of DIABLO
This keyboard and mouse with a mouse pad TRON By Razer
You see, it's the Fed, mouse
That keyboard
Here I have the Pioneer HDJ-1000
Okay, with that I deal also with music and In terms of computer
Here I have the .. It's all about the camera remote I shoot with, it's three dimensional camera
I'll show you it later
The Kontrol is actually my
You see it now
I work with him I give all of my sets YouTube and you can obviously see in REVIEW
The link where you can download music Those who love club music
BLUE YETI is the microphone that I use with a computer
Excellent microphone
What you see here, all my cameras at home and abroad
It router I use him
What you see is two MIMO antennas They penetrate walls, but added here
You see this part is for an additional antenna To catch all the cameras in
This simple Web camera I have at home But it works well and I very pleased with it MICROSOFT
Another webcam that best PIXEL 15MEGA most of Logitech
You see FULL HD also but at Much better than what MICROSOFT
But the cups I bought when I was a soccer player Beitar Jerusalem player you see in 1994
91-92 - 92-93
These years I played football
Here is basically an antenna that connects to a set-top box
TV converter
Here I have a radio that is actually an antique car collectors
Speaking of cars
I bought both of these cars
I currently have this car a reality I will show you the right move outward
These models of these vehicles
This 206 Cabriolet I had it five years
I changed it to this car 307 cabriolet
I have two years is
My digital camera so that I do not, Give up the best camera in my opinion
Excellent camera people at POWER SHOT S60
Of course they have progressed, I just love this camera
Posters have here ...
I have my favorite rapper DMX world
DMX is a rapper I'm connected to a lot of years Love his music
Here I have my favorite movie With most SCARFACE Al Pacino
What you see, this weapon Weapons have the same sample AIRSOFT
In my home I will show you soon, we'll get it too
It's another poster Scarface, Al Pacino, Tony Montana
I also attached a childhood movies, poster of Bruce Lee
Here we have the poster of the CALL OF DUTY MW3 It's my favorite game of all time
Playing it a lot on-line
Now what I was talking about my Harooatr
This thread that goes up here
This antenna notice how big is
That makes a huge antenna remote control
This is another small model of the 206 Cabriolet
This simple game Z3 Car I love cars
Here I have this Stand
You see it stand the RELOOP Stand among the best in today's world
Great company and of course stands for everything With music
This is basically my laptop
Here I have upgraded Mobile iPhone 4S course
IPhone 4
Both phones
This five diamond carte clock LENDEARI Very expensive watch
Here I have an electronic cigarette
USB flash disk Mercedes
It soon we will get to that too grenade for As you have seen of SCARFACE
So that pomegranate connect Metula
It .. Haircut machine I use The inside and Hair
It's lighter ZIPPO
Let's see if you see it
You see I am Number 4038 of 7500
7500 is actually the quantity that will produce the kind of lighter
This Cigarette I use only special events Please note that SOBRANIE Cocktail
Look what people smoking cigarettes Colored cigarettes
This knife I open with all the ... Good knife, you see the GEISLER
Excellent knife, although expensive, but does a good job
What else is here
These my speakers, you see I have two of them of Sherwood
Speakers I use them more than 15 years I do not replace them, do a great job
What I do not normally use here It's my warehouse you see
All things, these bags
This is the camera I shoot with, Three-dimensional camera of JVC
What else do I have to show you
Now about the tools that I have Weapons of AIRSOFT
So this is the tool used in the film of SCARFACE
It's just one on one tool
Here there is the opening of the viewfinder
I have another tool, the M249 is the Negev
Also, very heavy tools Machine Gun I also use him
This tripod I was working with my uploaded videos
This view from my room I have a very large window
Shows the view outside
I also have another side that I will show you also The view outside the two
This is the chair I'm sitting on
A comfortable chair
You see it all lined supports all
Let's go the extra room
This TV Hentai TV LG Which I see the videos
And I have Streimer
You see that my Hstreimer
Excellent three-dimensional model, supports three-dimensional Of course, LG's 50-inch television as a three dimensional
Now let I will show you the balcony
This is my balcony, I have two balconies
So that I was sitting in balcony I've got all this landscape, you see
Desert Landscape
This is basically the car that I was watching him from the cameras in
You see that car 307 cabriolet I was going to, I have the models as you saw
Look at the beautiful view, all the Jerusalem
This is the Access Point is connected to this camera
The image camera .. My car
This vehicle like you've seen before, and here is connected to the camera
Especially all types of weather
This additional terrace house that I
You see I have this swing
I like to sit on in the summer
This chair cigarette, coffee
This is the view of the house
Everything is green
Really nice
Now it's my warehouse here actually have More things I hold
It's my wife's bags Filled bags like Bags
Now the other thing I put it here This long course you know it
G-25 by Logitech Steering system and gas pedals with transmission
These shoes have all
All these shoes are my only understand
It's my bracelet, diamond bracelet
2700 diamonds you see
Gold bracelet with diamonds 2700
This is basically a box, a box There have cigarettes
You see
Cigarette box, saving on tobacco
Completely opaque
I have this camera at the entrance to
You see it in front of my house
Here has a camera 24 hours a FOSCAM IP camera
I have Camera IP Camera PANASONIC
This is another Camera FOSCAM my girl's room
It's powered camera PANASONIC further Among the best in the world of PANASONIC
She is in my living room
Thank you for watching this video Of the tour in a tour
Really thank you for watching any video
I'm waiting for questions, comments
And of course to register my channel here more updates
Thank you