McMayhem - Mega Compliments

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 20.08.2012


STEPHEN SEIDEL: Sometimes you need to shout at people for
them to know just how awesome they are.
MATT MCMANUS: Great intro, Steve.
Good job, bro.

You're great.
You are so great.
Ladies, you're being great nannies today.
I'm sure those kids love you.
Great pink socks you're wearing today.
And that dog looks like it needs a meal.
I'll buy you socks.
Maybe a hot dog.
Thank you for stopping.
You are a worthwhile individual.
Your daughter's beautiful.
You are a biracial couple.
You're amazing.
It's obvious that you're doing a good job by yourself.
Just keep doing it.
I'm sure you got a decent score on your SATs.
People will always respect you and take care of you based on
the kindness I can see in your eyes, even though you're
wearing sunglasses.
Is this your daughter?
Is he a good daddy?
He looks like a good daddy.
Does he buy you dollies?
You're doing a great job in there.
Great job in there.
Keep doing drywall.
Hey, bro.
Great box, man.
Enjoy that sandwich.
Oh, it feels so good.
Don't stop.
Pink pants.
Solid work.
Hey, man.
That's great hair.
Yeah, man.
I want to take you to the bank.
Give you all my money.
No rules alert.
You're awesome.
Color coordinated from the head to the toes.
Do you think maybe you and I could have
a, a small hug today?
MALE SPEAKER: I think so.
MATT MCMANUS: All right, come in for the real thing.
I love you, man.
MALE SPEAKER: I love you too.
MATT MCMANUS: Tell me, tell me you love me.
MALE SPEAKER: I love you.