110706 - Hyper Report

Uploaded by HyperReport on 06.07.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for July 6th,
2011 Gold is currently trading at 1513.80
Silver is at 35.45 The Silver to Gold Ratio is 42.70
Oil is at 96.41 and the US Dollar is at 74.95
German Court to Start hearing Case Against Euro Bailouts
It now appears that even if Angela Merkel will fold on dumping money down the Greek
blackhole, the courts in her own country may hinder any
further action. The courts may force, because there is no
bailout clause in the EU compact, the German lower house of parliment to have
a bigger say in bailouts; thus, forcing a vote closer to the people of Germany.
More Signs Of Eurozone Disintegration
Denmark is being increasingly criticized for its open and hostile atmosphere towards Muslims.
As a result, Denmark has reintroduced customs checkpoints
on its borders with Germany and Sweeden which threatens the passport-free travel within
the EU. If the sovereign debt crisis doesn't destroy
the EU, maybe just plain old nationalism will.
Rating Agency Finds 10% Of Chinese GDP Is Bad Debt
According to Moody's, China’s economy may be a house of cards
built upon cooking the books to meet their absurd goals.
It’s hard to believe that a country could have 10% growth every year.
Could this be a backdoor way for the U.S. to get back at China for Dagong downgrading
the U.S. Debt? We will see.
The Economic Recovery turns 2: Feel Better Yet?
Two years after so-called economists said the Great Recession ended
the recovery has been the weakest and most lopsided.
from job insecurity, debt, and real inflation, has been the worst since any recession since
the 1930s. Workers' wages and benefits make up 57.5 percent
of the economy, which, up until the mid-2000's it was 64 percent
for booms and busts alike. Unemployment, at 9.1%, has never been this
high for this long in recent memory and the new jobs created pay on average about
19, instead of the 31 dollars before.
The Top 5 Reasons To Add Gold and Silver To Your Portfolio
1. Gold has a Track record of Maintaining Its Value Unlike the fiat currencies of the
world 2. Gold is relatively immune to out of control
inflation or deflation 3. Gold has retained it’s value in times
of financial crisis and/or geopolitical uncertainty.
4. Gold has Liquidity and No Counter-Party Risk
5. Gold has increasing demand worldwide. Like gold, silver follows much of the same
ATF Guns At US Crime Scenes
Some of the more than a 1000 ATF funded purchased guns are now being found,
by tracking of serial numbers, at crime scenes in the U.S.
Americans are dying because of this operation. How many Americans need to die until the incompetent
leaders in the ATF and Justice Department are brought to justice?
Finally, Please prepare now for the developing economic
and social unrest. Good Day