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So I say it now?
When you're ready
Why can't you say action?
Why can't you say action, because I'll know when you say ACTION!
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[...also look at the camera when you say it]
Where do you think they're from?
I think they're from England
Why do you think that?
Because I live in England
Do you think Sophia would be really good on THIS show?
So do you think Sophia should come on the show?
Why, why do you think that?
Because she's so confident on the TV so she must go on here
What was Rosie doing in the videos, you know the music video
that I showed you at the begining?
She was not singing, but she was doing the moves
How cute do you think they are?
You're very cute
So yeah how do you think they are, how cute?
Okay, if you don't know
Don't you know anyone that's famous that you'd like to meet?
Rosie [Grace]
Why? Rosie on that video?
Because I like her accent
She's English
Just like me?
Can you watch this video, Rosie
I hope you enjoy it