Shankaboot - Episode 30: Will Doulica Get a Break?

Uploaded by Shankaboot on 28.11.2010

Doulica you still haven't finished?
You're so slow they don't need this much time
There are just two mirrors in this house!
Quickly, I'm in a hurry I need to leave
You have half a second!
You have to finish everything in half a second!
I'm going to lock this room and leave.
Go work!
Hey you!
Come come
Keep an eye on the boy
I forgot my purse in a rush, keep an eye on him
On the boy?
Screw you and screw the boy
And screw your purse
And screw whoever stopped the war!
Where's my purse?
Where is it?
Where did you put it?
I didn't see it
I didn't see the purse Madame
Oh you don't know where it is?
No, I didn't see it
Come here
Here you go Madame
What do you do all day? What do you do?
Didn't I tell you to clean the salon
And to do the rooms as well?
And look here
If you break anything I'll break your legs
Go clean!
I'm responsible here for the whole area
I'm under the command of your shoes Ziad
Hey what are you doing?!
Look in front of you!
What's wrong with you?
Sorry madame I apologize
Sorry? These feet belong to people not rocks!
I'm really sorry I didn't mean it
What do you mean you're sorry?
What sorry? You're always sorry!
I really didn't mean it
Sorry? Sorry doesn't make a difference!
Get up and back your bags and get out of here
I don't want to see your face here again
Come on, pack your stuff, come on!
Come on!