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Party Planner: How to Make 3 Easy Wedding Cocktails
Hi my name is Manny Hinojosa, I am a master mixologist, and I have three great wedding cocktails for you.
Very easy to make, very light in color, very flavorful,
and they're great for specific parties like engagement party, bridal shower,
reception, wedding, they're great. So the first drink we have
is made with Grey Goose La Poire.
So it's Grey Goose vodka, pear flavor, really nice,
it's nice and sweet, I'm gonna use a little Elderflower Liqueur,
a little bit of champagne, and a tiny touch of simple syrup so it's on the sweet side,
the next cocktail I have is made with Corzo Tequila,
one hundred percent agave, and a little bit of pineapple juice,
I use a little serano, I macerate the serano a little bit,
fresh lime juice, so it's sweet and spicy.
So you have two different kinds right here,
and the last one is the French seventy-five, its a very classic cocktail,
made in France, back in the nineteen twenties,
at parties, and restaurant parties,
it's made with Bombay Sapphire Gin, simple syrup,
fresh lemon, top it off with champagne, and we use a nice champagne glass
from Pottery Barn. The garnishes, you see, they're very simple,
you just have to have little ideas, you can pick it up, maybe in your farmers market,
or in your garden, like in this case I have
dry lavender, a nice lemon twist,
in this cocktail I have a little piece of pineapple,
and one of the pineapple leaves,
and edible flowers on the French 75.
So those cocktails are very nice, light in color,
you're having a good time at you party, you bump into each other,
no problem, the party keeps gong.
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